Group does act against the delivery of the Maracana for the private sector

3/16/2013 11:53 -updated 3/16/2013 2:26 pm

Group does act against the delivery of the Maracana for the private sector

Protesters say that spaces can be destroyed with the lease. The State Government of Rio denies the privatization of the stadium.


Cristiane Cardoso The G1 River

Manifestantes bloqueiam o trânsito na Avenida Maracanã, sentido Zona Sul  (Foto: Cristiane Cardoso/G1)
Protesters block traffic on Avenida Maracanã, direction South (photo: Cristiane Cardoso/G1)

Protesters walked in the early afternoon of Saturday (16), Saens Peña square, North of the River, toward the estádio do Maracanã. The group, formed by residents, athletes, fans and students, protested against the privatization of the Maracanã and called for the adoption of the draft resolution on the Chamber, providing for a plebiscite on the subject. At about 12:30, the hike caused traffic retentions. Around 1:40 pm, the demonstration ended in the old building of the Indian Museum.

Sought by the G1, the advice of the Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro reported that the stadium will not be privatized and that the rules for the granting of the complex are already set in the notice, which was released this month.

According to Demian Castro, Member of the Popular Committee of the World Cup and the Olympics, about 700 people attended the last protest and the expectation is that the number is even higher on Saturday. “We are questioning the way the city is being sold. The maracana is delivered to a firm for a value that will not recover or 15% of which was invested in its reform. Do not pay the interest on the loan. And even under the claim to make the multipurpose Stadium, he already is multipurpose and all events that have been held there as the coming of the Pope, shows? “he asked Demian.

Still according to Tania, the manifest dispute those spaces that can be destroyed with the future sale of the stadium, as the Athletics Stadium Celio de Barros and the Julio Delamare aquatic park.

“Where these athletes will train? How to have a good performance at the Olympics if there is no place for training? It is a misconception that parking construction that are wanting to build and this project only exists when it comes to privatization. Want to turn the maracana in a shopping mall, “he said.

Monica Amaral, de 19 anos, treina no Parque Aquático do Maracanã (Foto: Cristiane Cardoso/G1)
Monica Amaral, 19 years, trains at the water park of Maracanã (photo: Cristiane Cardoso/G1)

The Brazilian champion of diving, Monica Amaral, 19 years, trains at the water park of the Maracana since six years and fears that privatization harms the stadium with an interruption of his training for the Olympics in 2016.

“I train there since 6 years. I learned to swim to jump there. And there is the best training center of diving of the River. The process can stop all this dedication to the sport and my question is if after the privatization we will be able to continue training. In the Olympics of 2016 will be with 22 years and is a great age to compete “, declare the athlete

The movement, which featured the band out of nowhere, raising marcinhas and hymns of twisted, gathered supporters still cariocas that supporters of the National Front (FNT) claim a fair and democratic football.

“For us fans, the privatization represents the elitização Stadium and we cannot agree with this. The stadium is a cultural and historical heritage of the River, should be public, “said Lucas Pedretti, 19 years, Coordinator of FNT, twisting to Vasco. According to Pedretti, the Front has 4 mi registered fans.

Carlos Sandes e Rosângela Passos são pais de alunos da escola no entorno do Maracanã. (Foto: Cristiane Cardoso / G1)
Carlos Sandes e Rosângela Passos are parents of students from the school around the maracana. (Photo: Cristiane Cardoso/G1)

Parents of students of the Municipal school Friedenreich were also part of the movement in the Tijuca district this morning, as Carlos Sandes e Rosângela Passos.

“My two daughters studied there, the son of Parvathi studies. There is an accessibility site for students, parents and teachers. There is transportation to all places like nowhere else in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, the school is there to 48 years and the maracana has received 180 thousand people with school there, then do not have to remove the school from there, “argued Carlos Sandes.

According to the State Government, one of the incidental works, the concessionaire will be obliged to demolish the Athletics Stadium Celio de Barros and Julio Delamare water park to its current location, which will be reconstructed, at their expense, respectively, as athletic training centers and water sports as the specifications contained in annex 3 of the notice, where currently runs the prison Evaristo de Moraes and on property located at Praça Professor Alice Brazil, no. 01, at Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro.


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