Rio will have new demonstration on Saturday against privatization of Maracanã !


Rio will have new demonstration on Saturday against privatization of Maracanã

Act occurs after the House of Councillors reject proposal which provided the tipping of the old Indian Museum building

By: Maurice Thuswohl, Brazil Current Network

Posted in 3/15/2013, 19:10

Last update to 19:31

Rio terá nova manifestação neste sábado contra privatização do Maracanã While the House of Councillors rejected the tipping of the Indian Museum (pictured), maintains the vetoes of Paes around the Cup (photo: Tania Rego. Agency Brazil)

Rio de Janeiro-A public act called for tomorrow (15) by the Popular Committee of Fifa will protest against the procedure for the granting of administration of the Maracana to private enterprise. Once again, several representative entities of the social movements of Rio de Janeiro will not be demolished the athletics stadium Celio de Barros and the Julio Delamare aquatic park, as is provided for in the project approved by the Government and the city of Rio. The merger is set for the 10:0 in the square, Saens Peña in Tijuca in the North. Then protesters will follow in March up to the gate of maracana.

Another goal of the demonstration will be asking for the preservation of the building of the old Indian Museum. On Wednesday (13), the project of having the space for future installation of Indigenous Cultural Centre was defeated in tight vote (17 votes to 13) in the House of Councillors. This paves the way for the removal of Indians who currently occupy the land, where for seven years he was installed the village maracana. Mayor Eduardo Paes (PMDB) already committed to the preservation of the building, but want to create there the future Olympic Museum.

One of the organizers of the Act, the Alderman Renato Five (PSOL) asks for more transparency to public authorities: “the people need to ask for the Mayor and the Governor if the legacy of the World Cup and the Olympic Games will only benefit the contractors and financiers of election campaigns. It’s a shame that the Board accepted that the legacy is the destruction of the school village, Maracanã, Friedenreich of the Celio de Barros and Julio Delamare. Football is part of Rio’s passion and I’m sure the people will not forgive those who supported the privatisation of the complex of Maracana, “he says.

On the same day that rejected the proposal of having the Museu do Índio, the aldermen cariocas in unanimous vote, kept the vetoes made by Paes to amendments tabled in the House to the package. Made in December last year, to delete the previous municipal legislature, lights seams valued at about $ 4 billion in properties located around the future Olympic Park that will be built in Barra da Tijuca.

Now, with the maintenance of vetoes and the overthrow of the proposal of having the Museu do Índio, the only obstacles to be faced by State and local Government to implement its projects related to the World Cup and the Olympics are even popular manifestations.


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