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Passing information Via public defender of the Union in Rio de Janeiro (PUD-RJ


to the press and to all who SUPPORT THIS CAUSE This afternoon (15), the federal public defender Daniel Macedo, holder of the second Office of human rights and Collective Protection of the Union’s public defender’s Office in Rio de Janeiro (DPU/RJ), attended the Maracanã Stadium, where Village is built the building of the old Indian Museum. The objective was to clarify the points of the judgment handed down by the 8th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, which has granted writs of possession of the land in the State of Rio de Janeiro. After two hours of stay-on-site, Daniel M drove up to the gate of the village Maracana, but was prevented from leaving by members of a punk movement, supported, on occasion, by two natives who represent a more radical wing of that community. Along with the Defender were under Secretary of State for human rights, Andrea Sepúlveda, a State Prosecutor and a Federal Justice official. It stands out that the absolute majority of Indians, including the Indigenous Council present, disapproved such an attitude of curtailment of liberty.
The DPU/RJ reports that there has been no physical violence or verbal and declares any Flunking total attitude of parallel movements, which in no way contribute to the cause. The institution will remain with renewed forces in the struggle for Indigenous rights. In relation to judicial notice that summons the Indians to leave the site in 72 hours, the DPU has already filed an appeal before the Federal Court (TRF), on today’s date, and pending the outcome of the trial.
Communication PUD/RJ



15.03.2013 to 7:47 pm

Indians prevent output from four people into a museum after the craft be delivered


Rio -Four people were hostages of Indians who live in the Indian Museum, North of the River, on the afternoon of Friday. The information is from the State Department of Human Rights.

The victims have been released. Among them were the State Secretary of Human Rights, Andrea Sepúlveda and the public defender of the Union Daniel Macedo, plus a Federal Justice official and a Prosecutor in the State.

Also according to SEDH, the Indians prevented the four left the Museum after the group deliver an order that determines the output of local indigenous in up to 72 hours, starting this Saturday.



Today at 10:22 pm-Updated today at 10:23 pm

Justice gives a period of 72 hours for evacuation of the old Indian Museum in Rio

A decision of the Federal Court determined that the Indians occupying the building of the old Indian Museum-next to the Journalist Mário Filho Stadium, the maracana-desocupem property in 72 hours, counted from the afternoon of Friday (15). The Government of Rio had entered in court with a writ of possession warrant the building, purchased by the national supply company (Conab).

The public defender of the Union Daniel Macedo joined the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd region (TRF2) with a resource of interlocutory appeal, trying to reverse the situation. M afraid that, exhausted the legal means, there could be resistance from the Indians to leave the property. “My reading is that the Indians want to resist. If that happens, there could be a bloodbath or until the death of an Indian, what will the macular certamento image of the country abroad, “said public defender, who preaches a peaceful and within the law.

The indigenous Chief Carlos Toucan and leader Afonso Apurinã confirmed receipt of the lawsuit, but said that did not sign the document, because of a lack of Government guarantees. “The Governor [Sérgio Cabral] did not give any guarantee for us. Has no document that guarantees our security. We did not accept. This Saturday (15) we will make a protest, at 10:0, with a walk from Saens Peña Square until the maracana. The climate is very difficult. If not there is an agreement, the police can take everyone, from Monday (18). If the Governor wants to do something with us, that is documented: what he wants to do, where you will be and when the work will begin, “he said.

Apurinã criticized the fact of having been conveyed the news in the last week, that the Government would divide the space of the property between the Indians and the planned Olympic Museum, which was later denied. “Last week they talked one thing, now talk about another. So we don’t trust nobody, “he said.

The State Secretariat for Social assistance and denied human rights, through its advisory services, which have been proposed to share the building with the Indians. The proposal for the Indians out of the property includes a provisional landing, the transport of the goods, food, rent, setting up a reference centre of indigenous peoples and of a State Council for indigenous rights.

The State Government offered to allocate temporarily the Indians in 30 rooms in a hotel in the Centre. But the public defender Daniel Macedo vistoriou the Union hotel and the location was considered unworthy. “Not part of indigenous culture get stuck in a hotel room of a half star, warm eating three times a day”.

The property in dispute was built in the 19 century and housed the Indian protection service, commanded by Marshal Cândido Rondon. Then it was transformed into a Museum of Indian and had among its directors the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro. It was abandoned and was occupied by Indians of various ethnicities in 2007, wishing to turn the site into a cultural centre. The Government of Rio ponder to demolish the building as part of reforming the Maracana, but then changed his mind and plans to install a Olympic Museum.




3/15/2013 07:02 pm -updated 3/15/2013 8:22 pm

Representatives of the Government of Rio de Janeiro are taken hostage in the Museu do Índio

Indians occupying the Museum would have infuriated with deadline for leaving. Four hostages, including a Secretary, have already been released.


Livia Torres The G1 River

Arão da Providência, advogado dos índios, cacique Carlos Tucano e Afonso Apurinã, presidente do Centro de Referência da Cultura dos Povos indigenas conversam na entrada do museu (Foto: Lívia Torres/G1)
Aaron of Providence, lawyer, Indian Chief Carlos Toucan and Afonso  Apurinã, President of the Centre of reference of the culture of the Indigenous Peoples talk at the entrance of the Museum (photo: Livia Torres/G1)


Indians made five people hostages in the old Indian Museum, at the Maracanã in the North, on Friday (15). Among those arrested were State Secretary of human rights, Andrea Sepúlveda, and another representative of the Secretariat, the public defender of the Union Daniel Macedo, two officers of the Federal Court and a Prosecutor in the State. According to the Indian Afonso Apurinã, one of the occupants of the Museum, the hostages were released at about 6:30 pm.

Apurinã reported that the Indians have been ordered to leave the Indian Museum in 72 hours, starting from Saturday (16). According to him, the other occupants of the site were enraged and one of them has prevented the Group’s output by the gate. Cops of the 4th BPM (São Cristóvão) came to be fired.
“We are six years ago in this space fighting for it to be reformed. We want to go to a decent place, safely. We demand that this guarantee is documented in the registry, “said Chief Carlos Toucan.
The public defender of the Union said that was among the other four hostages to the site to give explanations about the decision. He confirmed that he was taken hostage by Indians. “I came to the meeting at the Indian Museum and we are hostage. Is a minority group, but there is a ‘ punk ‘ movement from within with support from Indian Aaron, “he said shortly before being released.

The Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights confirmed that the Under Secretary Andrea Sepúlveda was arrested and was released by the Indians at 6:30 pm.

Documento deixado nesta sexta por dois oficiais de Justiça, alegando que os índios têm até segunda-feira para deixar o local (Foto: Lívia Torres/G1)
Document left Friday by two bailiffs, claiming that the Indians have until Monday to leave the place (photo: Livia Torres/G1)

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