The Indians have until the end of the day to vacate the building alongside the Maracana


March 18, 2013•6:58 pm

The Indians have until the end of the day to vacate the building alongside the Maracana

Representatives of the village on the morning of Monday promoted “a series of cultural events to protest the eviction order issued on Friday by the Federal Court. The deadline for eviction from the land where the old Indian Museum-next to the Journalist Mário Filho Stadium, the maracana, Rio de Janeiro-ends today.

On site, the climate is of concern and anxiety on the part of Indians awaiting a possible reversal of the judgment. The Public Defender’s Office filed a request for an injunction to try to reverse the eviction of the Indians of the building. The Group hopes that the application be dismissed today. If the decision of the judge of first instance is maintained, the Indians have until the 6:0 pm to leave the building.

According to the spokesman of the Indian tribe, professor Urutau Guajajara, the group will protest only with cultural events. “We’ll make dances, paintings in the body and even a wedding here today, while the State tries to clamp down on us with violence, we respond with culture and values. We will resist this atrocity in this manner. Are killing the indigenous culture of our country and we will not allow it, “said Guajajara. In the immediate vicinity of the complex of Maracana, the traffic flow is normal, without the presence of police officers.

In a statement, the State Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights reported that accompanied last Friday when the bailiff handed the document with the eviction order.

Surrounding maracana Stadium will be built a mall. With this, are provided for the demolition of the Athletics Stadium Celio de Barros, Júlio Delamare Aquatic Park, the village Maracanã and the Municipal School Friedenreich.

Agency Brazil


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