Deadline for removal of Indians from the Museum is extended until Thursday, said public defender

Deadline for removal of Indians from the Museum is extended until Thursday, said public defender

March 18, 2013-23:22 Written by Writing

Defender met with Indians and explained that they should obey the decision. Judiciary.

The deadline for the removal of Indians who occupy, since 2006, the building of the old Indian Museum, next to the Journalist Mário Filho Stadium, the maracana, runs out to 6:0 next Thursday (21), contrary to what had been played last Friday (15), when a court decision gave 72 hours.

The information comes from public defender Daniel Macedo, who joined the Federal Regional Court of the 2nd region (TRF2) with appeal to try to block the writ held by warrant granted in the first instance by the Federal Court to the State Government, which could result in the expulsion of Indians.

“There is a judicial decision of the 8th Federal Court determining immission in possession. I resorted by means of an interlocutory appeal. I’ve been personally today with the judge, I presented the reasons why I believe that the Indians should stay there, he pondered and believe that overnight skirt a new decision to keep the judge’s decision to the floor or to reform it, “said the Defender.

Macedo explained that the judicial measure included the term in three days, but without including the Saturday (16) and (17) Sunday. Thus, only from Thursday the building will be vacated, if applicable, by the action of police forces. “Anyway, the police can only enter from Thursday, with the presence of two bailiffs, with the usual precautions in order to safeguard the physical integrity of any person that there is,” he said.

The Defender met on the afternoon of yesterday (18), with the Indians and explained that they should obey the Court ruling. However, acknowledged that the mood inside the Maracanã Stadium, as it was nicknamed Village the location, is not entirely peaceful. “I met with them and explained that, popping a judicial decision, have to comply, cannot be recalcitrant. But the Indians have another mindset and understand that the proposal made by the State Government is that it will be in a hotel that houses homeless. Is incompatible a hotel room, in which the Indians, who have their own culture, will live with homeless, without any demerit “, he said.

According to the proponent, this may result in a cultural shock, which will eventually put dozens of Indians on the streets of downtown Rio. “My concern is that the Indians are going to this hotel, and a month later will be on the street. Then I’ll have 60 Indians on the street. The Indians are there since 2006 and the building never hurt anyone’s mobility. “

The first State Government wanted to demolish the building, built in the 19 century, which housed the Indian protection service, commanded by Marshal Cadido Rondon, and then was transformed into a Museum of the Indian, having among its directors the anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro. Finally, the State Government announced that it will preserve the property, but will turn into an Olympic Museum. The Indians want the location houses an indigenous cultural center.


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