Stone jungle


Stone jungle

Anthropologist criticizes Secretary of Sports and recreation in the State of Rio de Janeiro who stated that “Indian even lives in the Woods”

Mauro de Bias


Índios da Aldeia Maracanã resistem às investidas de despejo do governo do estado. Foto: Gabriela Nogueira Cunha/Arquivo
The village Indians Maracanã resist to dump investments of the State Government. Photo: Gabriela Walnut Wedge/Archive
The anthropologist, Mércio Pereira Gomes, former President of the National Indian Foundation, was very outraged to hear the controversial Declaration of André Lazaroni, Secretary of Sports and recreation in the State of Rio de Janeiro, on the Indians of the village maracana. In an interview, the politician said that “Indian even lives in the Woods”.
When asked about the legal and social conflict that happens between the State Government and the occupants of the building of the old Indian Museum in Rio de Janeiro, the Secretary replied: “they have to leave. Are there illegal. It there is an Indian Museum, is not a village. ” And added: “Because even Indian lives in the forest, does it? Even the Indian people are protecting in the Amazon. They are there to generate wealth for their tribe. The Indians who are here today are actually political instruments of opposition parties. “
The first reaction of Parry was a laugh of disbelief. “It’s a bunch of hogwash. The biggest I’ve ever heard about Indians in Brazil, “said the researcher, author of numerous books on the subject, among them” the Indians and the Brazil “by 2012. For him, the speech of Lazaroni reflects lack of knowledge about the people of Brazil and of their participation in the cultural life of the country.
“To say that Indian out of the forest is not Indian is the same as saying that Brazil in New York, for example, is Brazilian,” said anthropologist. According to him, the bias shown by the Secretary reflects a reality that needs to be overcome. Parry said still doubt the proposal of the State Government to transform the old Indian Museum, a historic building next to maracana Stadium, at the Olympic Museum of COB (Cob).
“I think this speech is only a pretext to remove the Indians and turn the place into a walkway, on a Boardwalk. I do not believe that there will be the Olympic Museum. The historic architecture of the building is unsuitable for this, but it is suitable for a representation of indigenous culture in the city of Rio de Janeiro “, suggested the teacher.
In April, the Magazine of History brings a dossier about the Brazilian indigenous peoples and its history since before there was Brazil. Among the items, will be addressed topics such as attempts to control of Indians by State, land demarcation, migrations, enslavement and myths that have been created and disseminated.

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