“There will be no Olympic Museum here. So you can be sure” ~ Aarão

Today at 3:57 pm-Updated today at 4:35 pm

Indians would be labor in maintaining the former Museum

Members of the village Maracanã underscore, however, that they want written document of the State Government

Jornal do Brazil Caio Lima

After the turnaround of this Thursday (21), in which the writ of repossession of the former Museum of the Indian was not fulfilled, the Indians inhabiting the village came up with three proposals for Maracanã being discussed with the State Department of Social Welfare and Human Rights (SEASDH) and forwarded to the Government of the State. One of them, even the help of Indians themselves in the maintenance work of the building which houses the village.

According to Aarão of Providence Araújo Filho, lawyer for the village and President of the National Council of indigenous rights, it is essential that there is a guarantee, in writing, that the building will have exclusive allocation to indigenous culture.


This is the first point of the proposal. “There will be no Olympic Museum here. So you can be sure, “said Aarão, referring to the project by the State Government to set up an Olympic Museum, in partnership with the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) at that location. “It would be a contradiction the former Museum not be used to disseminate indigenous culture”.

The second point of the motion is the change of the Indians for the building of the National Agricultural Laboratory (Lanagro-RJ), located in the same village and terrain that is disabled since January 2013. “It is a building that has an infrastructure, and would not have needed to spend money with hotel,” mused Aarão, recalling once again the guarantee made by the State Government.

The third proposal forwarded asks, if the building of Lanagro-RJ cannot be used, the Indians would go to the promised referral center of indigenous culture, in the Quinta da Boa Vista. The Indians, however, want to be able to monitor the maintenance of the building, and were willing to make their own hands for the reform of the building. “It would be an immense pleasure for us,” finalized the Indian lawyer.



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