Xingu Vivp~Note to support Village Maracanã

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Note to support Village Maracanã

 aldeia maracanaxinguvivo

In 2006 a group of Brazilians occupied an abandoned building, in downtown Rio de Janeiro, next to the imposing maracana Stadium, scene of major football events, and religious music.

The building, built in 1862, was the official residence during the Empire (DOM Pedro II) and place of residence of Marshal Rondon. It housed the headquarters of FUNAI and in 1953 was transformed into a Museum of the Indian, the first in Latin America. Since 1978, with the transfer of the Museum, was abandoned by the Government.
At the beginning of the 21st century starts the rescue of that historic building, with its resumption by indigenous peoples. After seven years, Governor Sérgio Cabral and Mayor Eduardo Paes tried to expel its residents and destroying the building, to the works of reform around the football stadium for the 2014 World Cup.
The Federal Court gave a deadline of 72 hours for indigenous desocupem the 75 building. The deadline expires at 11:59 pm today, 3/20/2013.
We, activists of the Xingu Alive Underground, meeting in Belém (PA), to discuss actions that target to prevent the continuation of the works of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant on the Xingu River, we express total solidarity with the indigenous peoples who live in the village Maracanã and his struggle for the preservation of the site as a Centre for cultural activities, pedagogical, social, etc.
In one of the walls of the village is written: “want to kill people? Then steal them to culture “. This is an unquestionable truth. And the actions of the rulers, whether in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or of the Central Plateau, either in the village or in the River Xingu, Maracana has as a goal the destruction of the culture of indigenous peoples, so that their political and/or economic interests prevail, enhancing the exploitation and the looting on natural resources and the environment.
We advocate the immediate suspension of the evacuation of the village Maracanã and the final possession of the area for the indigenous peoples. And responsible Governments of Eduardo Paes Sérgio Cabral, and Dilma Roussef, as well as the Federal Court and the FIFA, by any act of violence that might happen on the morning of Thursday, March 21.
Bethlehem, 3/20/2013
Metropolitan Committee Xingu Alive Forever

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