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The State Government “don’t give up”  the Olympic Museum

Indians get Zach Teixeira 3 options

Jornal do Brazil Caio Lima *

The Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro offered the Indians of old in the Maracanã Village Indian Museum, three latest and new offers-in addition to Hotel acolhedor Santana II, City Hall-to vacate the premises, since the authorities have stated “do not give up that site House an Olympic Museum”.

Among the proposals made by the Secretary of Social Welfare and Human Rights Zaquel Teixeira, are three choices of neighbourhoods to the natives: Jacarepagua, Bonsucesso and a shed next to the shed of Odebrecht on rua Visconde de Niterói, the closest to where you currently live, in the Maracanã Stadium.

For those who do not accept any of the proposals, the option is to return to their places of origin with the guarantee, according to Teixeira, who will receive carriage paid by the State if they want to come to Rio to visit relatives and friends who were.

The secretariat also undertook to build a Center for Indigenous Reference elsewhere that, for now, would be a shed in the Quinta da Boa Vista, where he still works the prison unit Evaristo de Moraes, in the process of deactivation. The completion of this forecast center, according to the Secretary, would be a year and a half. One year to turn off and demolish the prison centre and half a year for the construction of the new building.

In addition, Takahashi stated that the State also promises to create a State Council for indigenous rights, whose objective would be to “monitor the functioning of the Centre of reference of the culture of indigenous peoples. The governing body would act as a consultant in the State in the formulation of policies for the protection and promotion of indigenous rights, “he said.

The deadline for eviction of indigenous peoples ended last Monday and now it is up to the Court to comply with the Court decision. On site, the Secretary criticized the performance of Funai (National Indian Foundation). “They never showed up to talk with the Indians and mediate the negotiation with the State Government. If omitted in the progress of the whole process and debate “, criticized.

Those who do not accept the permanence in the hotel of the City or the three new options offered, will be offered by the State Government the social rental, worth US $ 400 per month per household, until the inauguration of the Centre of reference.

The other side

The Indians came to the Secretariat to deliver the proposal to the village after Zach Teixeira ended the news conference. According to them, they knew, by the press, that the position of the Government is to build the Indigenous reference center out of the old building of the Indian Museum, there will be no agreement if the property is intended for construction of the Olympic Museum, as does the State Government. The impasse will continue on Friday.




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