Judge says Indians cannot remain motionless beside the Village Maracanã


 Judge says Indians  cannot remain motionless beside the Village Maracanã

Decision was made after a survey conducted on site

Earlier the group occupied the building of Indian Museum in  Botafogo


Gustavo Carvalho,  Gabriel Carriello

Published:3/24/13- 7:43  Updated:3/24/13- 03:02  pm
RIO- After survey carried out at the headquarters of  the National Agricultural Laboratory (Lanagro), on the ground next to the  Village Maracanã, the federal judge Wilson José Witzel said that there is no  safe conditions for the Group of protesters who occupied earlier the Museu do  Índio, Botafogo, stay in place. The proposal had  been made by lawyers representing the Indians, but after analysis done on this  Sunday afternoon, the magistrate denied the request. A  new hearing, behind closed doors, will be held this Sunday to try to come up  with another solution. The Group of 13 Indians  and 41 militants who support the movement that claims the village space not  agree to go to Maracanã Jacarepaguá, as they did earlier other Indians.

The Group held for approximately 3:0 pm the Museum. After negotiations with representatives of the  Federal Court and the PM, they agreed to leave the building from Rua das  Palmeiras, in the early morning, after the revocation of an order of  imprisonment that had been given by the judge on duty of the first instance  Wilson José Witzel. The magistrate has revised  its decision, after the protesters had agreed to leave the premises  voluntarily.

One of the leaders of the protest, who identified himself  as Potoo, ethnic Guarajara, said Saturday afternoon the Group was to Botafogo  trying to a meeting with the President of the Indian Museum, José Carlos  Lighthearted, to ask for support to the cause, but as this was not occurring,  the protesters decided to occupy the space.

— We need to be heard. The  only hope is the reintegration of the village — said.

Although another  group with 11 Indians departed on Sunday morning in a hotel in the Center for an  accommodation in Jacarepaguá, protesters deny that the movement is divided. Alisi, waiwai, ethnicity of Pará, who participated in the  occupation in Botafogo insists that the only way out is the reintegration of the  Maracanã Village:

— Many people scattered because of the violence. We are the representation of those who may not be. The  proposal of the Government is not satisfied. One equity  (village) is ours.

The indigenous group of the village Maracanã,  which accepted the proposal of the Government of the State of stay temporarily  in an accommodation in Jacarepaguá, arrived at the scene on Sunday. The temporary installation was set up in an area of the former  Hospital complex Curupaity and is prepared to receive 12  people.

The accommodation is composed of six  containers, two rooms with four bunk beds each, three bathrooms and a kitchen  equipped with stove and refrigerator. A tarp protects the  area and steel sidings to isolate, the indigenous request. A  heavy rain fell early this afternoon and left the site completely wet floor. The Indians used cloths to prevent water from  entering in the kitchen, the only container that is at ground  level.
The natives will mingle with  the local community, with about 2,500 residents, mostly relatives and  descendants of holders of leprosy. Today, no more  infected.

Guarda Municipal do Rio de Janeiro (GM-) stated, in  a note, which will ascertain through images the scenes of violence between  players and protesters in downtown Rio, on the afternoon of Friday. According to the note, the agents “were received extremely hostile by  the group that protested.” About 150 militants  who are against the eviction of the old Indian Museum, in the Maracanã Stadium,  in the North of the River, went to the door of the Legislative Council of the  State (Chamber) to continue the protest started in the morning in Radial  West.

The note also says that “a guard was assaulted by  one of the participants of the movement, which broke the windshield of a car  from GM-Rio”. The cases were registered in the  1st and 5th police stations, such as personal injury and damage to public  assets, respectively.



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