Petition~ Return of the Indian Museum in Rio to indigenous !!

Return of the Indian Museum in Rio to indigenous

Petition letter:

“The State Government of Rio de Janeiro wants to tear down the building to make room for improvements around the stadium. The works would be required to meet the requirements of Fifa, regarding the adequacy of the maracana Stadium to host the Confederations Cup games. Fifa, however, in documents submitted to the public defender of the Union denied that requires the demolition of the building. ” Built in the 19th century, the building was the headquarters of the Indian protection service. We need to pressure the Government to overturn this historic heritage, turning it into a hotel of transition and area culture for the Indians who need to come to the city, be it for exposure of their handicrafts, for presentations in universities, schools for meetings with Governments … is to… your need. We cannot allow a historical heritage with so many stories can be demolished and turned into a parking lot or anything else. Lisbela Lane Social Scientist UFBA”



Devolução do museu do índio no Rio aos indígenas

Why this is important ~

Through this petition, let’s get 2,000,000 signatures, so we will be able to pressure the Government of Rio de Janeiro and the Federal Government to return to the Indians the Indian Museum and it is tumbled, reformed, transformed into a hotel and car culture, where the Indians who come to study, develop their research, attend events and sell their handicrafts can be. The Indians need to be treated as Indians and not as beggars. No to so much social exclusion, ethnocide and genocide, violation of the Federal Constitution, article 5, of the ILO 169 and article 231 CF. We need to unite in this struggle in defense of the historical heritage and respect for traditional communities. So please sign this petition to give the President Dilma Roussef, the Governor of Rio, Sérgio Cabral and FUNAI.



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