Condition poor at Jacarepaguá

3/26/201307:08 pm

Defender tries to recover clothes and goods of the village Indians Maracanã



The public defender of the Union Andrew Ordacgy came on Tuesday with petition in the 8th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, in an emergency, requiring the belongings of the Indians of the old village Maracanã, which were transferred last Friday for an accommodation in jacarepagua, in former colony Curupaity.

According to him, the judge Renato Peçanha is analyzing the petition and the decision can come out even today.

Ordacgy explained that clothes and belongings of the Indians who lived in the historic building have been collected by the Government and taken to a warehouse on Friday. “Since Friday they are using the same clothes, and many are undocumented,” said the Defender.

In the petition he asks that the housing conditions of the Indians is improved. According to Ordacgy, the Indians transferred 12 are living in unventilated containers, and food available does not guarantee food safety promised by the State Government.

“The Government of Rio said it would ensure food security, but only given a basket with rice and beans, have to ensure a meal with dignity, with chicken, meat. Also has no ceiling fan and two of ground that packed are not enough for everyone, “he said.

According to the Indian Pataxó Caio, who says he has abandoned Jacarepaguá for lack of conditions, only 8 of 12 Indians transferred continue in Jacarepaguá. “The land is contaminated, there are people sick there and wets everything when it rains,” he said.

The Department of social welfare and human rights of the State Government does not confirm the information from the output of Indians near.

Pataxó said he is worried about the delay to the transfer of the Indians for a permanent accommodation, which, he said, could take up to a year and a half. The same concern has made the public defender ask the judge of the Federal Court scheduling a meeting with the State Government to mark a fixed date for completion of the works near definitive.

“We have to make an appointment or in a moment the Government is another and will say that had nothing combined,” said Ordacgy.


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