MPF/PA calls for suspension of armed operation for impact studies of the plants of the Tapajós

MPF/PA calls for suspension of armed operation for impact studies of the plants of the Tapajós

March 27, 2013-09:47
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For the MPF, there is risk of a conflict because the indigenous consultations were not carried out.



The Federal prosecutors asked the Federal Court in Santarém that prevents the achievement of a federal police operation, scheduled for this week, the Munduruku Indian land nearby, where it is planned the São Luís do Tapajós.

The operation was confirmed by the National Indian Foundation (Funai) and the Regional Superintendence of the Federal Police.

The armed contingent headed in the second, 25, for the region would be 60 PF officers, Federal Highway police and the Brazilian air force, according to the initial information to ensure the achievement of impact studies of the plant.

For the MPF, the operation, which is being called Tapajós, Operation cannot occur because the plant’s environmental license is suspended by the same Justice for lack of prior consultation to the Indians. “The operation is patent infringement decision of Justice”, says the document submitted yesterday to the federal judge of Santarém Chukwuemeka Portela.

But the biggest concern of the MPF is to the climate of conflict in the region. “There is a danger of irreparable harm with the operation now reported, either because reigns in the region much misinformation (even by the absence of prior consultation), either because the operation presents a disproportionate harmful potential,” says the document sent to justice.

Public prosecutors Felipe Bogado, Fernando Antônio de Oliveira Júnior Luiz Antonio Amorim and fear, with the operation, “the pitiful repeat historical incidents like what happened in the operation Eldorado, which culminated in the death of an indigenous, as well as numerous injuries among Aboriginal and public agents”. Prosecutors are responsible for the investigation of events of operation Eldorado that left a dead Indian in December last year, the Munduruku Indian land.


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