The RS Government helicopter firefighting aid in Taim

3/31/2013 11:37 -updated 3/31/2013 11:37

The RS Government helicopter firefighting aid in Taim

The aircraft provides support in transport of firefighters. Fire in the ecological reserve on the southern part of the State has lasted six days.


The G1 RS

Aviões maiores reforçam combate ao incêndio na reserva do Taim, no RS (Foto: Reprodução/RBS TV) Planes try to fight the fire in the Taim reserve (Photo: Reproduction/RBS TV)

A helicopter of the Government of Rio Grande do Sul starts this Sunday (31) to help firefighters on firefighting in Taim ecological Station. The fire, which began on Tuesday morning (26), has destroyed more than 3 thousand hectares of the reserve.

The Government will provide Gaucho aircraft support in transport of firefighters trying to contain the fire. The flames are still advancing, but more slowly. The fire is still out of reach of environmentalists. In speedboats, it is only possible to reach streams nearby. Ten men are part of the firefighting team, which is ready if the fire reaches drier areas. Five of them are volunteers.

The main way of fighting the fire is in the air this Saturday (30), the second plane hired by the federal authority, ICMBio manages the reserve, went into operation at the end of the morning. The ICMBio requested the support of a third aircraft, but still there is no forecast for the arrival. Trucks pipa of Rio Grande are in Taim to supply with water the aircraft.

The firefighting this Sunday (31) started a little later, according to ICMBio. A strong haze in the region has damaged the view earlier in the day.

The Taim reserve, between the municipalities of Rio Grande and Santa Vitória do Palmar, has 32 thousand hectares and is considered one of the most important reserves of Brazil. The biggest fire in the station took place in 2008, when 5 thousand hectares were affected.

Incêndio Taim2 (Foto: Divulgação/ESEC TAIM) Fire has consumed 3 thousand hectares of the Taim ecological station (Photo: disclosure/ESEC TAIM)


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