In the Tapajos plants generate tension between Indians and police


Monday, April 1, 2013


In the Tapajos plants generate tension between Indians and police


The hydroelectric power plants that the Government wants to build in the rivers Tapajós and Teles Pires are cause for tension in the region of Itaituba, Pará. According to the Ministry of mines and energy (MME), 80 researchers are there to collect data for the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of São Luiz do Tapajós and were accompanied by a contingent of Federal Police, highway patrol and National Strength. The presence of security forces was poorly received by munduruku Indians who live along the Tapajós and are contrary to the plants.

The report is Daniela Chiaretti and published by the newspaper Value, 4/1/2013.

Indigenous leaders gathered near Itaituba to discuss a joint position of all 115 munduruku villages. “Suspended any talks with the Government and say the dialogue depends on the withdrawal of troops in the region,” says Zohra Cupsinski, lawyer of the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi), linked to the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB). “Are you feeling intimidated and betrayed.”
The tension between the Government and the munduruku increased in November by the death of Adenilson Kirixi Munduruku, killed in Federal Police operation to remove mines in the area of the Teles Pires. In February, the Indians went to Brasilia to research by death and express opposition to dams. The Minister of MME, Edison Lobão, told them that the Government will not plants of São Luiz do Tapajós and Jatoba, but that would be rewarded by impacts. The munduruku is not convinced.
According to the Government, São Luiz do Tapajós will 6133 MW of installed capacity, MW of firm power 3,369 will and will have a reservoir of 722 km2. Jatoba have 2338 MW of installed capacity, MW of firm power and 1,282 reservoir of 646.3 km2. Will swamp 1,368 km2 of forest, more than twice the area flooded by the Belo Monte dam.
Biologists are in the region for 30 days collecting data from biodiversity during the Tapajósfull. On three other occasions have researched the fauna and flora in the flood tide and such. The data will compose the EIA for the Government to achieve the prior license of São Luiz do Tapajós. By the timeline, the studies have to be ready in September. A note from the MME disclosed to the press said that the security forces were there to “ensure the logistical support and security” of scientists. The note doesn’t say how many police officers were sent to Itaituba. The estimates of the Ccme are 200 to 250 men.
There is a legal limitation to the advances of the Government plans. The Federal Court, judging an action of Federal prosecutors do Pará, prohibited the granting of prior approval to the two dams while prior consultation is made not to the Indians and don’t make the integrated environmental assessment study of seven power plants planned for the water catchment area of the Tapajos-Teles Pires. “You can’t make seven dams and environmental impact studies have sliced. Have to consider the cumulative impact of all the developments, “explains the State Prosecutor Ubiratan Cazetta. “Our second great Brawl is on non-prior consultation to indigenous communities,” he says.
According to recent data there are 11,630 munduruku in Amazonas, Pará and Mato Grosso in demarcated and other lands in the demarcation process. “We are not bandits, we are feeling betrayed, humiliated and disrespected,” says Indian press note. “We want dialogue, but we will be discussing with the Government only after all the caciques (…) take its decision. Is our last warning. If the operation does not stop, there will be more dialogue (…), we will raise the chiefs and will get war. “




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