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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tapajós operation: Federal Government comes into contradiction about sending troops and research intentions

By Cândido da Cunha Neto

Triggered a week ago, the so-called “Tapajós Operation” is still surrounded by different and contradictory information. And the little that is known was only possible thanks to the application for suspension of the same on the part of Federal prosecutors and a series of information submitted by residents of the region of middle and upper Tapajos, as well as by researchers and activists involved with the region. The part of the federal Government, notes and news produced by government ministries Rousseff brought contradictions that, at least, demonstrate the lack of transparency of action.
Since March 22, contingents of dozens of men from the National Security Force, Federal Police, Federal road police and military personnel were to be landed at the headquarters of the city of Thunder Bay, in the West of Pará, on the banks of the Tapajós River. In the region, are provided for five large dams that barrariam the rivers Tapajós and Jamanxim and would affect several indigenous lands, protected areas and extractive and riverine communities.
Initially, there was talk that it was an operation to combat deforestation and illegal mines and historically practiced in the region. This information was based on the recent creation of the so-called “Permanent Integrated Management Office for protection of the environment-GGI-MA” by means of Presidential Decree No. 7,957 of March 12, 2013 that would have as objective: “to establish standards for the coordination, integration and cooperation between the public environmental agencies and entities, armed forces, public security organs and coordination of intelligence activities, in order to increase administrative efficiency in environmental actions of preventive or repressive character. “
If sending battalions aimed to the improvement of environmental actions, the first contradiction was jumping in the eyes. The troops landed far from where Ibama servers are conducting combat operations to deforestation, in the municipalities of Pará where are the basis of the so-called “operation Green Wave” : New progress, Uruará and Anapu. The arrival of battalions, without environmental area servers occurred in Itaituba, another municipality champion of deforestation, mainly in the areas of influence of the Transamazon Highway and highways BR-163. Join in the middle and upper Tapajós, the “target” of the operation, there was no any large area deforested in the last twelve months.
This apparent contradiction, coupled with sending Federal troops to “agrarian conflicts, including indigenous combat” in Mato Grosso and to “avoid further delays” in the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, brought to the fore the real intentions of the federal Government.
On March 26, the Attorney of the Republic in Santarém impetrava a request for an injunction to suspend the “Tapajós Operation” inside the mundurukus territories. For the MPF, “operation Tapajós” is a “patent infringement decision of Justice” since the plant’s environmental license [of São Luiz do Tapajós] is suspended by the lack of prior consultation with the indigenous peoples. “There is a danger of irreparable harm with the operation now reported, either because reigns in the region much misinformation (even by the absence of prior consultation), either because the operation presents a disproportionate harmful potential”, said the document sent to federal judge of Santarém (PA), Chukwuemeka Portela.
The request of MPF has as premise the fact that there is a judicial decision that determines the federal Government before any particular environmental impact assessment and licensing process to make Cumulative Impacts studies of several hydroelectric dams planned for the pond and that these studies are placed in process of prior consultation, as the Convention No. 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Therefore, it is a study that precedes the other environmental impact studies and licensing process.
On Wednesday, March 27, while the Federal Court had not yet pronounced on the application for suspension of operation Tapajós “and the news of the arrival of more National force men to Itaituba was the internet, the Ministry of mines and energy (MME) published a note that made it clear that this repressive force was the service:
“About 80 researchers, biologists, forestry engineers and support technicians, will give continuity, 27, on Wednesday the lifting of the fauna and flora in the Middle, that will compose, among other studies, the Environmental impact study for the obtaining of Prior License of hydroelectric development São Luiz do Tapajós.
This is the fourth and last stage of survey of the flora and fauna in the region, the stage of the full period. The new studies have expected duration of 30 days along the Tapajós River. In the other three occasions, researchers were in the region to observe the environmental performance during periods of ebb and flood.
This time, the experts will notice the Tapajós and the behavior of mammals, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish and birds in the maximum position filled.
To ensure the logistical support and security of the expedition, scientists will help teams of the Federal Police, the Federal Highway police and the National Public Security Force
The federal Government currently studies the development of two projects of hydropower plants in the Tapajós region: São Luiz do Tapajós and Jatobá. The first should have generating capacity of approximately 7,000 megawats and will serve about 14 million people.
The design of Tapajós hydro should be the first to follow the model of permanent anchors, platform of environmental conservation in areas where they are deployed, contributing to sustainable development.
The researchers ‘ visit is part of Government policy to follow strict and transparent licensing process, in order to mitigate and compensate for potential impacts to the environment and local populations. “
As can be seen by the note, was not to combat deforestation and illegal mines more than two hundred soldiers and civilians were displaced to Itaituba, and Yes to do, according to this version, the technical protection of private companies contracted to do, not the Study of Cumulative Impacts (determined judicially), but the Environmental impact studies for grant of license hydroelectric prior São Luiz do Tapajós, the largest of five planned for the region.
The version of MME paradoxically reinforced the arguments of the MPF, but still on March 27, the Solicitor-General of the Union (AGU) secured a court ruling that guaranteed “the entry of about 80 researchers, biologists, forestry engineers and support technicians in indigenous lands for environmental studies the feasibility of São Luiz of Tapajós in the State of Pará in the northern region”. The news was given by the AGU in your site, later removed from the air, but that had already been reproduced HERE.
According to AGU, the research does not violate the injunction obtained by the MPF, which makes the granting of prior environmental license and completion of the feasibility study, the consultation of indigenous communities about the use. “The Public Prosecutor informed that feasibility studies are composed of several preliminary and conclusive analyses on aspects of the fauna and flora of the region”, said stretch.
A new Government version emerged from the petition made by researchers, journalists, and community residents Mangabal mountain and addressed to the National Secretary for Social Articulation of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, Paulo Maldos, and Human Rights Minister, Maria do Rosário in which they called for “(…)that the National Secretariat of Social Articulation intervenes to prevent the recurrence of violence by agents of the State against defenceless populations and that instead, send representatives to listen to them. ” Read this document HERE.
In response, Thiago Garcia (technical advisor of the National Secretariat of Social Articulation), stated on March 29:
1. the federal Government is fulfilling court decision motivated by public Civil action of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (public Civil action no. 3883-98.2012.4.0) that determines the studies for the integrated environmental assessment in the basin of the rivers Tapajós and Jamanxim using environmental, economic and technical criteria. In order to be able to complete the first phase of the Integrated environmental assessment, it is necessary to carry out the studies and analysis of the water level at this very period of the year in which the Tapajós full reaches its peak. Only from these studies is that if you can accurately predict the consequences of a possible water use.
2. the Federal Government’s decision to remove police teams to follow the work of the technicians who will carry out the studies has no relation with the Munduruku People or with the traditional extractive communities inhabiting the region of low, medium and high Tapajós. This is not, in any way, any kind of repression or intimidation to social movements. It is security and logistical support to the technical team that will be about a month in the area, including at night. As we know, in this region, unfortunately, we have a number of illicit being practiced, as illegal mining and removal of wood. The evaluation is that there could be some kind of reaction precisely in this small portion of the population involved in illegal economic activities. In any manner the mobilization of security teams relate to traditional communities, extractive, fishermen and indigenous peoples.
3. the area of the studies for the possible development is restricted to a region Tapajós. There will be no entry of researchers or security team in indigenous villages or communities during the period of study. The Indian village closest to the area of studies-Muybu-Sawre Village is about 50 km from the place where the researchers will work. Still, the planning of studies were presented to leaders in the region and set a coexistence agreement so that the work of researchers does not interfere in community or shifts in their activities of hunting and fishing.
4. teams that went to the region came out with the explicit determination [not] come into communities or address residents. The proposal is to interfere as little as possible in the daily life of the communities of the Tapajos.
5. important to strengthen the Integrated environmental assessment studies aim to just subsidize the consultation process and dialogue with indigenous peoples and communities of the region. Because of this, it is necessary that these studies be conducted in as fully as possible, in accordance with the legislation. A good environmental study is needed to support decision-making on the construction of the project and resolve the climate of insecurity and misinformation that exists today in the region.
6. Another important point is that the Secretary General presented on March 15, a proposal for consultations for the indigenous leaders of the middle and upper Tapajós and is talking to the agreement of a query plan, in accordance with the Convention 169 of the ILO. It is planned to hold a further meeting in April to address this subject.
Finally, the Secretary Paulo Maldos asked to reiterate to you that the General Secretariat, via the National Secretariat of Social Networking, is accompanying and monitoring of the realization of studies so that all appointments reported above are met and for that not to occur any kind of conflict between the technicians and the local populations. Our server, Nilton Tubino, is in the region with all of these issues.
If you want any other information, or have complaints or wish to report any type of abuse committed by researchers or police, immediately get in touch with us. Paul asked to inform his cell (81777036-61), Nilton (61-9928-3439) and my, Thiago (61-9126-6988).
Best regards
Thiago Garcia
Technical Advisor
National Joint National Secretary of the Presidency of the Republic
As we see, this new version of the federal Government comes into contradiction with earlier versions. It is said that the technicians of private companies contracted by the Government are doing studies to produce Integrated environmental assessment (requested by MPF and determined by Justice) and not the environmental impact studies and to grant the License as stated in your note the Ministry of mines and energy and the Attorney General of the Union; military forces and taken off to the region “has no relation with the Munduruku People or with the traditional communities and communities that inhabit the region,” but are “logistical and technical” team security contrary to the matter produced on the AGU which States verbatim that legally “had the input of about 80 researchersamong biologists, foresters and support technicians in indigenous lands for environmental studies the feasibility of São Luiz of Tapajós in the State of Pará in the northern region “.
The note also States that the study area is 50 kilometers from the Village Muybu and Sawre “will there will be admission of researchers or security team in indigenous villages or communities during the period of study “and that the” planning of studies were presented to leaders in the region and set a coexistence agreement so that the work of researchers does not interfere in community or shifts in their activities of hunting and fishing “.
The scenario painted by the assessor of the Secretariat of the Presidency also comes into contradiction with the first complaints arriving from the beginning of “operation Tapajós” , but the document served to prove that even the federal Government, in this shameful military intervention in traditional territories, tuned the speech to try to convince a public opinion against this nonsense.

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