“It will be war.” ~ Munduruku

Munduruku people Announces: “it will be war”

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With National forces to ensure the environmental impact studies in the Tapajós River, Indians feel “betrayed” by the federal Government, they fear confrontation and say: “we’ll tell you how we want to be consulted”.

“It will be war.” It was with this sentence that Munduruku leaders ended a telephone call with representatives of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, in Itaituba (PA), last Saturday, March 30. The context is the construction of the plants called Tapajós hydroelectric complex..

Last Thursday, March 28, a detachment of the Tapajós Operation shifted to the village Sawré Maybu, in Itaituba. Indigenous report that heavily armed police, scattered in the main access points to the village, have made magazines, photographic records, interrogations, attempts to force bus with Indian escorts, overflights by villages and monitoring by the River, bordering the community. Despite the police presence, the natives attest not having seen any researcher.

Indigenous and social organizations denounced the Government’s action as a “military operation” and demanded the suspension of the Tapajós Operation.

“If the [federal] Government wants to dialogue with the Munduruku, have to stop operation Tapajós and have take the armed forces of our lands. We are not bandits. We are feeling betrayed, humiliated and disrespected with all this. The Government does not need the police and the National Force to dialogue with the Munduruku people. We want dialogue, but we will be discussing with the Government only after all the chiefs of high, medium and low [rio] Tapajós talk and take its decision. Is our last warning. If the operation does not stop, there will be more dialogue with the Munduruku. Let’s throw the chiefs and will get war, “said the representative of the indigenous peoples Secretariat General of the Presidency of the Republic, James Garcia, in phone call to March 30.


In new letter to the Government, the indigenous peoples denounce the overt police presence in the Indian territory. “Helicopters and boats are circulating by river and by air,” reports the letter. “We’re being humiliated and threatened by the operation [Tapajós]. (…) The armed forces are scattered on the Tapajós River, on the Transamazon Highway and our territories, intimidating and threatening people, preventing to navigate by our rivers and circularmos freely in the roads and villages. We cannot fish. Work, bathing in the River, hunting, walking freely and live our lives “.

The Munduruku also explained that the federal Government was not the “meeting of the Munduruku leaders, scheduled for April 10, to say how we want to be consulted”. According to the letter, the Munduruku would meet with the Government to communicate the decision.

Read in full the “Letter of the Munduruku people for Justice, Government, indigenous peoples and society”. ~ http://cimi.org.br/pub/PA/Munduruku/CartaPovoMunduruku01042013.pdf


The Federal Court prohibited the granting of an environmental license for the São Luiz do Tapajós, at the request of Federal prosecutors do Pará (MPF-PA), while they are not carried out prior consultation to the affected Indians and integrated environmental assessment of all power plants planned for the Tapajós River basin. The power plant is part of the Hydroelectric Complex, set of five plants that the Government intends to build in the river basin.

Despite the ban, a decision of the 2nd Judicial de Santarém Subsection stick allowed the entry of about 80 researchers, biologists, engineers and technicians in indigenous lands to carry out part of the Environmental impact studies (EIA) of the São Luiz do Tapajós.

For securing the attainment of the studies, the federal Government, through Decree No. 7,957, of 12 March, changed the law that regulates the operation of the National Force, ensuring that the company “(…) can be used anywhere in the national territory, upon request (…) to Minister of State “, and not just Governors and the Presidency, as established the original Decree. The Decree added a new National force assignment: “assistance to carry out surveys and technical reports on negative environmental impacts”.

The Munduruku sent the Government a letter repudiating “that way uptight of the President that governs the Country” and publicizando its concern with the new decree, “because there are 4 months ago in an operation called Eldorado relative was killed and several were injured including children, young and old, in the village Teles Pires”.

With this Decree, the Ministry of mines and energy (MME), on 21 March, might ask the National use of force in the State of Pará. The next day, a ministerial decree of the Ministry of Justice authorized the employment of the company “to ensure safety of people, property and the maintenance of public order in areas that develop the works, demarcations, services and other activities linked to the Ministry of mines and energy”.

Immediately at least 250 men of the National Force, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police have been moved to the region of Itaituba’s municipal district, on the banks of the Tapajós River, under accompanying justification the work of the EIA.

~ http://cimi.org.br/site/pt-br/?system=news&conteudo_id=6785&action=read


Video of the Attack “Operation Eldorado” occuring on November 7, 2012 ~ 26, 2012

Village Teles Pires, Division of Pará with the Mato Grosso.



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