Munduruku~ Native leader seeks support from Pará tribes against dams

4/1/2013 6:18 pm -updated 4/1/2013 8:52 pm

Native leader seeks support from Pará tribes against dams

Munduruku said representative against installation of power plant in the Tapajos. Chief says that Indians are being disrespected.


The G1 PA

Líder indígena do oeste do Pará pede apoio de tribos do Xingu contra construção de usinas (Foto: Mario de Paula/ TV Liberal)
Indigenous leader from the West of Pará asks for support of the Xingu tribes against construction of power plants (photo: Mario de Paula/Liberal TV)

The indigenous leader Valdenir Munduruku, Jacareacanga, in the West of Pará, traveled to Altamira, in the southeast of the State, to convene the indigenous communities to come together against the deployment of hydropower plants in the State.

At a news conference, Valdenir said that seeks support from other tribes against the construction of the dams. He said that the Indians of the Tapajós region are outraged with the presidential decree published in March 12, 2013, which allows the presence of men of the National Security Force in the region. The military would be part of a group that studies environmental impacts in the West of Pará but according to the Indians, the Group would be invading villages without consulting the leaders of the tribes

“We will not accept entering in our land without asking permission from the Chief,” said Valdenir, who criticizes the actions of the federal Government in the region: he says that the Indians are being disrespected, because they have not been consulted on the hydroelectric projects in the Tapajos.

Because of this, the Chief requires the removal of the task force until April 10. If the claim is not met by this date, the Indians promise to “take action” against the presence of the military in the West of Pará.

The G1 tries to contact the Ministry of Justice, responsible for the National Public Security Force, but has not yet been met.



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