PARA~ The threatened situation is serious



Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The threatened situation is serious


At least 38 people in the South and Southeast of State dawn the day with real feeling that might be the last. Are marked to die, according to the list of threatened with death by the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) from surveys carried out in the municipalities of Pará. Trade Union leaders or rural workers are living under constant threat and that they have more fear for their lives after the murder in 2011 of extractive couple José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva, in Nova Ipixuna. Finalized in August 2012, the lifting of the CPT is the latest about death threats as a result of the struggle for possession of the Earth and shows that violence in the field still is watchword on the underside of the map of Pará.

The information is published by Journal of Pará, 4/1/2013.

The murder of José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva is the latest chapter of the history of agrarian violence in para. In the coming days 3 and 4 April, José Rodrigues, Lindonjonson Silva and Alberto Lopes will the popular jury, in Marabá, being accused of having direct involvement in the death of the workers. Rao is accused of being the mastermind of the crime, already Lindonjonson and Alberto are appointed as the executors of the murder. It is more a case of death foretold in the field, since at least 10 years before being ambushed Jose and Maria denounced illegal extraction of wood in Nova Ipixuna and if said threatened with death.
“Many rural workers and leaders threatened with death are part of the landless families camps claiming public land illegally occupied by farmers and loggers. In the South and Southeast of Pará, are millions of hectares of land illegally occupied by grilados or criminally landowners. The answers that the farmworkers and their leaders have received when pressing the release of these areas for land reform has been the threats and killings by the squatters and illegal occupants “, says the lawyer José Batista Afonso, Pastoral Land Commission.
It is not an isolated situation. The number of activists threatened in the country increased from 125 to 347 between 2010 and 2011, the report said Conflicts in Brazil. Only in a year, the number of threatened activists in the country increased 177.6%. The CPT says that the situation is particularly serious in the State of Pará. According to the research report 2005 of the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), the State represents 40% of the total area deforested in Brazil, and has the highest rates in the country, both slavery and threats to human rights defenders. Twelve of the 29 murders of rural activists in 2011 took place in solo para, ensures the CPT.
According to the contract Conflicts in the field, in the last 10 years 692 people were threatened with death in the State of Pará. Most of these threats in the South and Southeast of the State. “This number, although high, does not represent the totality of people victims of this type of violence in the countryside. Many cases are not reported because the victims are isolated municipalities or regions that do not have the presence of CPT or other human rights entities that can register of threats “, says Jose Batista Afonso.
In São Félix do Xingu, Ganesh light Rabbit is afraid of darkness and has a bullet in the chest as a daily companion. Member of the Union of Rural workers of São Félix, is seated by Incra since 2004. In 2011 received an offer to purchase the land. Ganesh declined. A few days later while happened in those grazing received a 32 Caliber Revolver, shot. The bullet remains lodged in his chest. Juvêncio light Rabbit recorded the incident on the police station of São Felix do Xingu, but no effective action was taken by the police. The farmer currently lives in the village of Southwest Settlement project, without being able to return to the batch for fear of assassination. After shot, has been warned of the risk that runs.
In Tucuruí, Roquevam Alves Silva is one of the leaders of the movement of dam affected people (MAB). Death threats suffered by it have been specifically for complaints made against loggers Tucuruí extracting and selling wood illegally in the islands of the Lake of the Tucuruí hydro-power complex (UHT) and in the areas of land in the vicinity.
After complaints made by Roquevam Silva, loggers had Woods, ferries and equipment seized by the State Department of environment and have been ordered by the Civil Police station of Tucuruí. From there, Roquevam ‘s life turned upside down. Had the house burned down twice and escaped from an attempted murder. Is the price that has been paying for militancy. “I have lost freedom. Feel insecure, feeling that at any time can be murdered “.
The fear of Roquevam is not unfounded. History shows that in the South and Southeast of Pará, threat of death is usually promise fulfilled.



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