MPF requests execution of sentence that canceled the largest land grab in the world

MPF requests execution of sentence that canceled the largest land grab in the world 


Federal Prosecutor Felicio Pontes Jr. also asked that question Justice Funai illegal occupations on indigenous lands in the area


4/3/2013 to 09:21

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) sent to Federal Court asked to be executed sentence of 2011 that the cancellation of the registration of the rural Farm named Curuá, illegally occupied by industry, Commerce, Navigation of the Xingu Export Ltda. (Incenxil), of the Group c. r. Almeida.

Located in Pará, in the region of Middle Earth, the area of about 4.5 million hectares, corresponds to the territories of the Netherlands and Belgium together and is considered the biggest case of land grabs (invasion of public land) in the world.

The request, signed by Federal Prosecutor Felicio Pontes Jr., was sent at the end of March the 9th Federal Court in Belem. The MPF has certified the transit in “rem judicata” of the sentence referring to the process in which the federal judge Hugo of Gama Filho decreed the invalidation of the registration of the property.

The MPF has requested to justice that refer to craft real estate registration office of the judicial district of Altamira, determining the registration and cancellation of authorizations. It was also requested that the Federal Court send letter to the National Indian Foundation (Funai) to which the municipality has information about the existence, in some grilada areas of indigenous lands (TIs) inhabited by non-Indians.

In 2011, sentence in addition to cancellation of the registration, the federal judge ruled that parts of TIs which are inhabited by non-Indians to be returned to the indigenous communities that have the legitimate possession of the respective areas. The sentence was considered as the request of Funai for some areas of the farm grilada to be returned to the families of the TIs Chest, Xipaya Kuruaya, overlapping and to Curuá Farm.
Case # 0044157-81.2010.4.01.3900-9th Federal Court in Belem Monitoring procedure

Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 3299-3299/0148-0177



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