National force against the Munduruku People-collective tomorrow in MPF




Wednesday, April 3, 2013

National force against the Munduruku People-collective tomorrow in MPF

Participants: Ryan Munduruku (Munduruku linderança), representative of the indigenous missionary Council (CIMI) and representative of Eastern Amazonia Forum (SWIPING).
Note: after the protocolará indigenous leadership and collective will deliver a document requesting the continuation of the performance of the Federal prosecutors in the case in question.
On November 7, 2012, the Federal Police conducted an operation in the village Teles, border between Pará and Mato Grosso. The balance was several Indians seriously injured; children, the elderly and women threatened and humiliated by federal agents; and a Munduruku murdered by a delegate of the federal police. The Federal Prosecutor opened the investigation that follows.
At the end of March 2013, contingents of dozens of men of the National Force, Federal Police, Federal road police and military, landed in the town of Itaituba, in the West of Pará, on the banks of the Tapajós River. From this time was triggered the so-called “Operation Tapajos”.
On Wednesday, March 27, the Ministry of mines and energy (MME) published on its website, the internet, the following information:
“About 80 researchers, biologists, forestry engineers and support technicians, will give continuity, 27, on Wednesday the lifting of the fauna and flora in the Middle, that will compose, among other studies, the Environmental impact study for the obtaining of Prior License of hydroelectric development São Luiz do Tapajós”.
“To ensure the logistical support and security of the expedition, scientists will help teams of the Federal Police, the Federal Highway police and the National Public Security Force”.
The Presidential Decree n° 7,957 of March 12, 2013 which aims to “establish rules for the coordination, integration and cooperation between the public environmental agencies and entities, armed forces, public security organs and coordination of intelligence activities, aimed at increasing administrative efficiency in environmental actions of preventive or repressive character”, gave support to this action.
The Munduruku Indians claim that the Government has not listened to the people in the area before you implement your projects, and that these are being directly affected by the actions that are taking place at the site, where the Government is proposing the construction of five hydroelectric power plants in the rivers Tapajós and Jamanxim, which has brought fear, insecurity and revolt of indigenous communities.
Date: Thursday (04.04.13)
Time: 10:0
Venue: Auditorium of the MPF
Submitted by Dion Massey-Xingu Alive

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