Open letter of COIAB to indigenous leaders, partners, authorities and society

Open letter of COIAB to indigenous leaders, partners, authorities and society at large

The COIAB and the national indigenous movement are a time of great concern and pressure because of the advance of an old theme and that now requires a stronger positioning on our part: is the issue of mining on indigenous lands.

Historically we know that there is a lot of pressure in Congress, on the part of the mining companies for that matter to be voted on, in view of the large number of requests for authorization for such activity.

More recently has taken place meetings in some regions where are presented the proposals in 1610, who tries to pass a new law to provide mining on our land.

Through an agenda built in a hurry in Brasilia, we were told by FUNAI verbally that 10 meetings in different regions were scheduled to address the theme; the first took place on 25 and 26 March in Manaus with the indigenous people of Amazonas State.

It was at the meeting the Rapporteur of project Congressman PMDB of Roraima Mr. Leonard Lopes, who presented the Bill stating that previous agreement 1610 between MJ and FUNAI, this would be a consultation with indigenous peoples.

Since the beginning of the meeting the COIAB and leaders present made it clear that this was not a query, but information about the PL; FUNAI present at the meeting followed this indigenous position and will confirm that it was actually information and not query.

After the various questions and speeches, the leaders called for a time to a discussion; This discussion came out the positioning that had already been submitted to the Deputy and other participants: indigenous peoples gathered here will not discuss mining out of the status of indigenous peoples, as final document Annex; This is because under the CNPI already meetings were held throughout Brazil and there is a clear positioning on the topic.

The proposal of the new staff regulations have not yet this National Congress, what needs to be done this forwarding.

The COIAB, in carrying out its mission of defending the rights of indigenous peoples of the Amazon, today faced the worst moment of our lives our rights being threatened, shredded and knowing that the greatest interest in mining and other projects are in our region. Comes to reaffirm the position of the CNPI and add to the concerns of the leaders gathered in Manaus.

The COIAB’s next request even though the indigenous peoples that will participate in other meetings planned, information cannanore, Falkirk, BELEM-PA, Dublin, SÃO LUIS (MA), RIO BRANCO-ACRE, ITAITUBAPA.

Analyze the theme and follow the placement of our representatives in the CNPI and leaders who participated in the first meeting.

Another is that the routing will be very important indigenous April to create a positive agenda with Congress and sectors that support the indigenous cause to work strategies to take the discussion to the table Status to its approval, after years stopped by interests of those who seek to reduce indigenous rights, clearly defined in the Constitution and in international agreements.

Indigenous, greetings

Manaus, March 30, 2013.


Enviada por Elen Pessoa para Combate ao Racismo Ambiental.



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