Social movements mobilize in front of the Forum of Marabá, Pará


Thu, April 4, 2013


Social movements mobilize in front of the Forum of Marabá, Pará

About 300 people members of social movements are gathered in front of the Forum of Marabá, Pará State, in the South-East to follow the trial of accused of murdering the couple of extractivists José Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva and Maria do Espírito Santo da Silva in 2011.
The report is the portal G1, 4/3/2013.
A field mass started at 7:30 and was chaired by the Bishop of the Diocese of Marabá, Dom Vital Corbellini  and lasted about half an hour. After the celebration, demonstrators made a silent Act, in which carried wooden crosses against the chest, symbolizing the deaths on the field.
An international delegation formed by entities representing rural workers of Argentina, Colombia and Sweden is also in Maraba. They will accompany the jury with representatives of the movement of Landless Workers (MST), the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) and the Federation of agricultural workers (Fetragri).
“We hope that this time there is order and justice. We, as Brazilian society and para, can’t take that this impunity continue happening, “says the Coordinator of the MST Mercedes Queiroz. According to the MST, in the State of Pará, 38 people are marked to die.
One of the farmers who lived in the same settlement of extractive couple murdered is one of those who is threatened with death. He prefers not to reveal his identity and vents. “I ask here at this point that justice will do something for us. I’m Brazilian, paid my taxes and now can’t be in Marabá, my children do not have the right to study and I live as a fugitive, living in another State “.
The actor Osmar Prado is one of the people who are in the Forum of Maraba as a representative of the Human Rights Movement (MHuD), which are still nationally known artists as Paulo Betti, Letícia Sabatella, Ângelo Antônio, Sérgio Mamberti, Mark Winter, Leonardo Vieira, Camila Pitanga, among others.
“We need all the ways to combat violence in the field. Impunity must be combated and the trial of such cases represents the beginning., “said the actor. The Human Rights Movement (MHuD) develops activities in support of peace and human rights. The focus is aimed at the problems of slave labor, of abuses against children and adolescents, the quilombolas, issues of the environment and of indigenous peoples.




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