Belo Monte: delay in the works of sanitation takes MPF to justice

Belo Monte: delay in the works of sanitation takes MPF to justice

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Lawsuit seeks suspension of license for the hydroelectric plant until the schedule of works is granted

4/4/2013 to 09:42 The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) entered in court to ask that the construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant is bound to fulfill his duty to carry out sanitation works in accordance with the schedule set out environmental licensing. Although they have been defined as required in the beginning of 2010 and most of them have been marked for 2011, so far almost nothing left of the paper. The MPF wants the hydroelectric installation license is suspended until the sanitation works schedule is met.

The obligation that the Belo Monte construction company to carry out improvements in sanitation in the region was determined by the Brazilian Institute of environment and renewable natural resources (Ibama) in the granting of prior license, in 2010, and the installation license, in 2011. Is a measure of the etching type, that is, the non-compliance with that requirement should lead to suspension of licenses.

The MPF has asked the Federal Court decision urgently to oblige the company responsible for Belo Monte, North energy, to carry out immediately the deployment of basic sanitation works in the municipal headquarters of Altamira and Vitória do Xingu, as well as in Belo Monte, in Vitória do Xingu, and Belo Monte do Pontal, in Anapu.

Public prosecutors Meliza Alves Barbosa, Thais Santi Cardoso da Silva, Ubiratan Cazetta and Felicio Pontes Jr. requested that the injunction requires the presentation of detailed implementation schedule of the works and reforms relating to sanitation, water supply, sanitary landfill, dump and urban drainage remediation who are in arrears, with the demonstration of recruitment of the necessary measures for the effective implementation of these obligations.

Suspension – the MPF also wants the Federal Court in Altamira suspend hydroelectric installation license, as Brazilian law provides for the case of non-compliance with environmental licensing constraints. Finally, the lawsuit asks that Norte Energia is ordered to pay compensation for moral damage in diffuse value to be determined by Justice.

For public prosecutors claimants, the neglect with which the North Energy comes to the constraints cause concussion moral society. “This loss of esteem, this human indifference ends up spreading in society to own disbelief to citizenship and many promises that the construction of the Belo Monte dam would represent the socio-economic growth of the region and the increase in the provision of essential public services”, criticizes the MPF.

According to records the action, Ibama has agreed to extend deadlines to Norte Energia implement the constraints under the condition that the company submit additional actions to take to reduce the negative impacts of non-completion of the work within the time limits laid down.

“However, in addition to such preventive/corrective actions bring up the breach of time limits laid down by the competent authority, showing the lack of commitment of the North to stop Energy present, in many cases, any schedule of realization of preventive/corrective actions while the constraints and the basic environmental plan are not effectively implemented”, criticizes the MPF. According to investigations, the North energy comes changing basic environmental plan even without the approval of Ibama.

“These delays, make, do not find parallel in the works of the enterprise itself, which demonstrates that stem exclusively from the inaction of the entrepreneur, who does not lack resources and capacity to sign and implement the measures that have been required as conditions of work”, highlights the action.

  • Case # 36.2013.4.01.3903-0000328-Federal Court in Altamira (PA)
  • Full of action
  • Monitoring procedure
  • Full licence (the measures relating to sanitation, perceived failure, are those of item 2.9)
  • Complete license installation (the measures relating to sanitation, the perceived failure of the item 2.10)



Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 3299-3299/0148-0177


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