Madeira River~RO: 25 thousand workers strike disrupts hydroelectric works

RO: 25 thousand workers strike disrupts hydroelectric works


About twenty-five thousand employees of the Santo Antonio hydroelectric plants and Jirau, on the Madeira River, in Porto Velho (RO), decided to go on strike on Tuesday. They claim 18% increase in salaries and raising the value of the basket, from the current $ 270 to $ 400, plus increase in participation in Profits (PLR).
The consortia Brazil’s Sustainable Energy (Jirau) and Santo Antônio Energy, which perform the works of two dams, if willing to make 10% adjustment in wages and raise the value of the basic basket for $ 310. The negotiations are part of the collective work agreement 2013/2014, effective May 1, 2013, started 60 days before the expiration of the base date.

The report is of Altino Machado and published by Earth Magazine/Amazon Blog, 4/3/2013.
Workers of construction companies Norberto Odebrecht, Andrade Gutierrez, Suez Energy, Eletrosul, Chesf and Complex Wood Industrial Group, rejected the counterproposal of consortia in the general meeting held at the camp, on the BR-364, which was accompanied by the Central Única dos Trabalhadores.
The President of the Union of workers of the construction industry (Sticcero), Raimundo Soares, announced that there will be no agreement from the figures presented by the companies and that only essential services are kept. According to Sticcero, the strike is for an indefinite period the Consórcio Construtor Santo Antônio has a note that says trust agreements for the immediate resumption of the works.
“We rigorously the labor legislation in force. All the proposals made by the Union for the approval of workers were designed after long negotiations with the Union, in order to avoid strikes, “says the note.


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