Tapajós. Criminalization and Division of the fight


Thu, April 4, 2013


Tapajós. Criminalization and Division of the fight


At the age of 21 years, the young Night Francisco da Silva Azevedo is one of the community leaders Pimental, in the municipality of Trairão (PA), and advocates the permanence of bordering within the territory. Despite the young age, the five-year talks Riverside suffering since the arrival of the companies and the announcement of the construction of the dam, with little information and dialogue. “Honestly, it’s going to be a very big impact. It will be difficult for us also support such pain. We will lose our community, our corner, our quiet, “laments the young, wondered how will be the future of the community if the skirt work.

The report is Ednubia Ghisi and published by the journal of Fact Brazil, 4/3/2013.
As well as other villages that are on the edge of the rio Tapajós, Pimental has its territory constantly invaded by machines, police, researchers and officials of companies that comprise the Fellowship of the Tapajós hydroelectric complex. By resistance to research and require information, residents have become criminalised and threatened. In October 2012, four people linked to Geosul, service provider of Eletrobras and Eletronorte, raided the House of the then-President of the community Faye Alves Pereira, during a meeting. Community leaders were assaulted and threatened with death. João Carlos Portes, father of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) of Itaituba, also was threatened at the time.
“To the extent that people who did not believe in the speech of the companies and the Government, who know that is false, make a resistance front, also increases the criminalization. Those who will resist, will be criminalized, “says Érina Garcia, who has legally advised some communities affected. According to the lawyer, the first attempt of criminalization in Pimental occurred in 2010, when leaders were accused of the crime of harm by Eletronorte. However, nothing has been proven, the criminality and filed the police investigation.
From experience in the movement of dam affected people (MAB), Pauline Diana ensures that “anyone who thinks the dams, has the ability to think in the Division of the people”, and the promise of development raises the initial conflict, sometimes causing people not wanting more build your life from the region where they live, to not be sure if they will or not. Government programs and the latest “green bags” are also disclosed as compensation for the construction of dams.
Luis Matos, Pimental, community don’t see another alternative survival outside the Riverside territory. “If we get out of our land to go to the city is the people suffer. Live of that basket? We are not used to living basic basket, we live from our work, “argues.
“While we can fight, while have a standing, I’m ready, prepared to fight for anything, whether it is in the dialogue, whether it is in force, any form of fight”, ensures the young Night.


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