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Petition letter:

“As concerned citizens, we ask that you take immediate action to suspend the occupation of the land of the Munduruku Indians by the Tapajós. The Munduruku are a peaceful people who have the right to live in their ancestral lands. The National force units must be from this area, and proper consultation, as well as the Brazilian law, should be conducted with the Munduruku indigenous peoples before going ahead with the construction of hydroelectric projects in the Tapajós region.”

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After a recent invasion of National Strength in their land, the Munduruku people is asking for help! Read the letter below and sign the urgent petition for President Dilma, which can prevent a war from happening in the Amazon.

Letter from Munduruku People:

“Us! Chiefs, leaders and warriors of the Munduruku people always fight and we will continue fighting in defense of our forests, our rivers and our territory, because it is our mother nature that we took everything we need to survive, but the Government, which should protect us, sending his army to threaten killer and invading our villages, our people lately has been abused, has been threatened by a dictator who has been threatening and killing our people, using its armed forces as if the indigenous people were terrorists or bandits.

We, Munduruku people, we reject this way of dictator President who governs the Country. We do not accept that police take our lands without our authorisation for any type of operation. Is a special people! A people that already existed much before they arrive here, in this land where call Brazil. Brazil is our land! Are we the real Brazilians.

This week the Brazilian Government sent 250 police to ensure strength studies of dams in our lands.

This morning it was decided at the headquarters of FUNAI in ITAITUBA that 60 men of the National Force will go to the village Sawre Muybu, comply with the decree issued by the President of the Republic on 12 March; It is a village with 132. We are many concerned because there are 4 months ago in an operation called Eldorado was killed a relative and several were injured including children, young and old, in the village Teles Pires.

The Government scored a meeting for April 10 day to speak of this operation. But once this Government is breaking agreement with the Munduruku people, so we do not want more meet with this Government until it stops with this action against the decision of our people. We ask the help of the Federal Public Ministry, to help us solve these problems without more deaths. Because we will not be idly watching size disrespect with our people and our territory.

Munduruku People

Jacareacanga, March 27, 2013. ”

Link to the open letter:



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