Dry: situation remains serious in Northeast and Northern Minas Gerais, Dilma says

Drought is the worst in the last 50 years. More than 1400 municipalities are affected.

~ April 8, 2013-11:21



The President Dilma Rousseff said on Monday, 8, that the drought situation in the Northeast and in the North of Minas Gerais in the Southeast region remains serious.

According to her, the Government is investing a total of $ 32 billion in so-called structural works, ensuring the water supply permanently, such as dams, canals, aqueducts and pumping stations.

In the weekly radio program breakfast with the President, she recalled that, last week, the federal Government also announced the expansion of emergency actions to combat the drought in the region. In a meeting with Governors in Fortaleza, rousseff announced over $ 9 billion in stock to fight the drought.

“This drought is the longest of the last 50 years and has reached more than 1,415 municipalities. The federal Government will not allow the people of Semi-arid and the entire Northeast is helpless. As long as there is drought, we’ll Act. We will accelerate the structural works, we will speed up the emergency actions to help the population to face all the difficulties. “

The prediction is that each municipality reached receive a backhoe loader, grader, two trucks (a bucket truck and a truck-pipa) and a shovel-loader. The Government will also provide 340 thousand tons of corn in the months of April and may to be sold at subsidized price to the producers.

“And, from then on, while the last, we’ll put 160 thousand tons each month. We sell this maize to a subsidized price, at a price of $ 18 to sack, which is far below the market price. So this corn come quickly to those in need, he goes by sea to the Northeast, up the northeastern ports. And, from there, each Governor is in charge of the distribution. “

Rousseff said that the prolonged drought hurt the economy of the counties most affected. She highlighted actions already announced by the Government as the creation of a special credit line, with lower interest rates, to support farmers, trade and small and medium-sized enterprises of these localities.

“We release R $ 2.4 billion and now we are releasing more R $ 350 million to this emergency credit, to all productive activity in Semi-arid region.” he explained. Other measures cited by the President is to renegotiate the debts of farmers in the Semi-arid, extending for ten years the time limit for the payment of loans.

“The North-East region of our country has grown in recent years and we will do everything not to let these achievements in the last ten years are lost. Now, our challenge is to ensure water security and productive security to semi-arid population, “he added.

with information from EBC


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