What is more legitimate, ethics or the law?



Monday, April 8, 2013 

What is more legitimate, ethics or the law?



Editorial released by Rural Radio of Santarém, PA, 4/5/2013, denounced the climate of tension at the top, especially threatening and frightening the Munduruku population.

The editorial is signed by Edilberto Sanchez, Coordinator of the Santarém Rural Radio.

Here’s the text.
This question should be answered by any judge, before taking office. But should also answer any lawyer, every politician, every civil and religious authority. What must remain in a decision, the law, or ethics?
These days, the Federal Public Ministry has filed new proceedings before the Federal Court in Santarém and an interlocutory appeal in court in Brasilia. This outrageous and arbitrary in case of invasion of the National Force ‘s military and Federal Police in the upper rio Tapajós.
In respect to constitutional rights of coastal peoples and Munduruku, the MPF had asked the federal judge in Santarém, which prevented any federal government action in the Tapajós in function of the project to build seven dams along the River, without a consult them, as have the Constitution.
The first sentence of the judge was agreeing with the arguments of the MPF, but leaving a window open to the interests of the Government. The MPF appealed requesting that the law be closed window not to allow the Government to justify the invasion in the Tapajós.
Then, the judge in Santarém used a personal interpretation of the law and gave reason to the military invasion in the villages Munduruku of the Tapajós. And, given what he gave, with the alleged argument by Attorney General of the Union, based in the filigree of the law used by the federal judge in Sanatarém, 250 military invaded and are there scaring children, women and elderly Munduruku with flybys of helicopters, rifles and machine guns, all to ensure that researchers paid by public money, make the area studies that justify legally the construction of dams.
The tension and human conflict is armed. The interests of the dictatorial Government of President Dilma and his ministers are being secured by a ruling of the federal judge here in Santarém.
Does your conscience sleeps quiet? If a Munduruku is murdered by the National Force, as has happened recently in the Teles Pires River by the federal police, the judge also will be held accountable because he preferred to judge the case for the interpretation of the law and not by the universal ethic.
Preferred to meet the interests of President Dilma and not to the rights of peoples of the Tapajós. Anything can happen in the Tapajós region in the coming days on the upper Tapajós, especially after the 10 day meeting/4:0 pm Jacareacanga, between Government and munduruku bosses.



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