Dams of Tapajós: MPF wants to know if query proposal complies with legislation

Dams of Tapajós: MPF wants to know if query proposal complies with legislation


Query must follow the established by the Convention 169 of the ILO, requires MPF

4/11/2013 to 11:24 The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) asked the General Secretariat (SG) of the Presidency of the Republic to report details about the query plan proposal to indigenous communities impacted by dams designed to the Tapajós River basin. That proposal, according to the SG page on the internet, it would have been presented by the Secretariat in March this year the Association Pusuru, formed by Munduruku leaders, and a group of teachers, councilors and indigenous in the region.

In a letter sent to SG this Wednesday, April 10, the State Prosecutor Fernando Antônio Alves de Oliveira Jr. Requests that the Deputy Secretary of the SG, Juliana Gomes Miranda, submit the proposed model and clarify if this model conforms to the manifestation of the MPF in public civil action.

The MPF also questioned the SG on the appropriateness of the model Convention 169 of the International Labour Organisation. The 169 Convention, of which Brazil is a signatory, States that indigenous and traditional peoples have the right to free, prior and informed consultation.

At the request of the MPF, at the end of 2012 the Federal Court prohibited the granting of an environmental license for the São Luiz do Tapajós pending carried out prior consultation to the affected Indians and the Integrated environmental assessment of the impacts of all power plants planned for the Tapajós River basin.

The plant is part of a complex of hydroelectric plants in the West of Pará which will affect the Munduruku land, home to more than 10 thousand Indians, as well as protected areas, quilombo communities, cities and extractive reserves.

The judge Chukwuemeka Aaron Paul fixed daily fine of R $ 100 thousand in the case of disobedience to the ban. To grant any license, the defendants-Union, Ibama, Aneel, Eletrobrás and Eletronorte – will have to perform the query to the Indians, integrated environmental assessment and strategic environmental assessment. Environmental assessments are requirements of the Ministry of mines and energy since 2009, but were not made to the Tapajós plants.

The consultation of the Munduruku Indians, according to the Court decision, must be directed to the communities Andirá-Macau, Mangrove Beach, Indian Beach, Pimental, Km 43, São Luiz do Tapajós and others that have not yet been located.


Federal prosecutors in Pará Communication advice (91) 0177-3299 ascom@prpa.mpf.gov.br http://twitter.com/MPF_PA http://www.facebook.com/MPFPara



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