Policy: indigenous to the Amazon rainforest under threat of genocide

Policy: indigenous to the Amazon rainforest under threat of genocide

Militarization of the indigenous question and possible release of indigenous lands for mineral exploration are discussed in Ufam

April 11, 2013


Política: Indígenas da Amazônia sob a ameaça do genocídio.</p><p>Militarização da questão indígena e possível liberação das terras indígenas à exploração mineral são debatidas na Ufam.</p><p>O Projeto de lei federal nº1610/96, batizado de ''PL da Mineração'' foi classificado, nesta quarta-feira 10/04/2013, como ameaça real aos povos indígenas da Amazônia e ''a mais nova versão do genocídio indígena'' caso seja aprovado pelo Congresso Nacional </p><p>Leia a matéria completa: http://acritica.uol.com.br/amazonia/manaus-amazonas-amazonia-Politica-Indigenas-Amazonia-ameaca-genocidio-UFAM-exploracao_mineral_0_899310102.html

Journalist Elaíze Farias (standing) said there are more than 600 requests for mining research in the lands of ianomamis (photos: Euzivaldo Qiu)

The federal law No. 1610/96, christened “PL”, mining was classified, this Wednesday (10), as a real threat to the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and “the newest version of the indigenous genocide” if it is approved by the National Congress. The warning is a group that brings together indigenous, social scientists and journalists participants of the round table “the coup of 65 and the actions of the military in Amazonia”, held in the Auditorium the Solimões River, of the Institute of Humanities and letters (ICHL), Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam), as an activity of the Committee the right to truth and memory at Amazon, emparceria with the Department of history of the Ufam.

The “mining PL” clears in Brasilia since 1996. Currently, waiting for the opinion of the Special Committee of the Chamber of Deputies. If it is approved, will allow companies to explore mineral resources in indigenous lands protected today. Mappings in these areas made since the years 1970 shows that there are concentrated the largest mineral reserves.

According to journalist Elaíze Farias, only in the lands of the Yanomami, there are approximately 650 requests for mining studies made by companies in the sector. “I did a survey for a story (published in the journal the criticism), which indicates that approximately 80% of Yanomami lands are research focus to mineral exploration. It seems until this is all overkill, but it’s not. This is a critical situation that indigenous peoples are passing. (…). These searches are part of a new development project in the region in Latin America, “said Farias.

The Coordinator of the State Committee of the right to truth and memory, the indigenista Egydio Schwade, Advisor to the National Commission of truth and consultant of the national human rights Secretariat, Egon Heck, professor of history at the Ufam, Aloysio Nogueira and former Director of the ICHL, philosophy professor Nelson Noronha, representing the Rectorate of the University, also took part in the exhibitions.

Professor of history, Aloysio Nogueira, said some of the survivors of 1964 in the Amazon live with the fear of speaking and that the challenge is to persuade them to speak because the records from this period are those of orality.



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