Union leaders denounce the disappearance of Belo Monte HYDRO worker

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Union leaders denounce the disappearance of Belo Monte HYDRO worker


Union leaders linked to the Conlutas, accompanying the recent mobilizations of workers of Belo Monte, denounced the arbitrary arrest of a worker in the early hours of this fourth, 10, to the Ministry of labor, the Ministry of labor and employment and the Superior Labor Court. According to the complaint, the man, known as “Belem”, was taken from one of the accommodation of the Belo Monte dam construction site by military police without any order, and has not been seen since. Two other workers also were detained, but no confirmation of the fact.
The information is of the Xingu Vivo Movement forever, 4/10/2013. The mobilizations for better working conditions and payment of several labor rights began at the end of last week and reached the construction sites Pimental and Canals and Dikes. On Saturday, the National Security Force arrived to hold two trade unionists with a remaining invalid warrant issued by the Court against the Xingu Vivo Movement in March. According to the complaint made later to Federal prosecutors, the National Force used weapons both to berate and dismiss workers of the construction site Pimental. According to trade unionists, have already been laid off more than 600 workers. On Wednesday, 10, agents of repression returned to act and surrounded the construction site of the Belo Monte dam to prevent the departure of about 400 men, report. Around 3:0 pm, the Public Defender’s Office managed to negotiate with the company and the National Security Force the output of these workers, which will be escorted by Defender Andreia Barreto to Altamira, as it does not feel safe to stay in the accommodation. The workers claim the immediate presentation of the worker “Bethlehem”, in addition to a meeting with the representative of the federal Government responsible for Belo Monte, Avelino Ganzer, to negotiate the claim.


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