Belo Monte leaders are kidnapped and left the 300 miles from Altamira

Belo Monte leaders are kidnapped and left the 300 miles from Altamira

April 12, 2013-15:56 — Marcelo

Three workers were placed inside a van with the body and clothing left in the middle of the Transamazon Highway


the MAB

Two equity securities of Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte (CCBM) and two guards of the private jail kept ROTATE three leaders of the strike of workers of the construction of the Belo Monte dam (Stop) in the early hours of Wednesday (10). The complaint was made by one of the leaders.

The worker in question asked not to have his name published for safety reasons. Housed in the construction of Belo Monte, which remains on strike since Friday (5), he was surprised by bouncers at 4:0 in the morning when left to continue the stoppage.

“Drove the car and have been forced to enter. Said I was guilty and that had caused a loss of r $ 1 million for the company, “he said by telephone, which is laborer in Santarém (PA). He denounces that was taken with two other guys in a van with the body and clothing left in the middle of the Transamazon Highway, heading West, more than 300 miles of Altamira. “We went out there to 6:0 and dropped to three-and-a-half.” Along with the bouncers and guards, was a man who introduced himself as an officer of Justice, however, without showing identification.

In this way, suffered psychological violence. “They said I was a direct threat and that would only drop us an end the strike,” he denounced. “Also spoke that they bought who want because it’s the CCBM that sends in Altamira.”

The employee intends to return to Altamira and denounces the working conditions within the construction site of the dam. He listed some examples of violations of rights: “A father broke his leg and not left out, saying it was nothing. Another that the father died could not travel to the burial. Many work without the extra night. “

According to the worker, the public prosecutor has already contacted and wants to rescue them. The three workers are housed in different hotels in Santarém (PA).


Workers are en strike since last Friday (5), when an uprising paralyzed the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant works in two garden beds: Pimental and Belo Monte, Altamira (PA). The outage hit about 5 thousand workers.

Earlier this week, the construction site Pimental returned to work, but Belo Monte continued the stoppage, despite the Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte (CCBM) assert that the works had focused on all construction sites.

Last night (10), two hundred workers on strike marched from the construction site to the city of Altamira. They were welcomed in a space of the Church. On the morning of Friday, made a public act in front of the Government House and the Ministry of labour to claim their rights.

The workers claim the additional payment of 40% for those who are housed at the construction site (a promise of Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte), lowland range of 90 days for all categories and the end of the “5 by 1”, in which the gaps fall into random days and those who work on weekends do not receive overtime.

The workers that are not housed in construction sites receive an additional 20% for the travel time from the city of Altamira to workplaces, which can exceed two hours. With the completion of accommodation, workers lose this effective, in addition to being deprived of coexistence in the city. So, are demanding that the Consortium fulfils its promise and pay for the so-called “hours confinement”.

The problem occurs in particular with workers who migrated from other parts of the country to work in, but also care workers from neighboring towns, such as Brazil, which will no longer rely on daily transportation, being forced to move to the construction site and see their families only once a week. Residents in Altamira, in principle, would continue with the transport.

National force within the construction site

Workers also denounce the problems arising from the presence of National Strength in the work environment. There is an effective installed within the construction site since the end of March, the Ministry of Justice, after the occupation of the building by indigenous and Riverside. The call is forecast by 90 days, extendible, under excuse to avoid occupations of demonstrators that can motivate outages.

Workers reported being treated by National Strength “as bandits”, especially in the days off. Strikers denounced that during the stoppage, the force has blocked access to construction sites and forced the rebel workers give their ID cards, to be forwarded to HR and dismissed. Even workers who had no relationship with the movement also had their documents confiscated. “A lot of innocent people will run with this story,” denounced a tender. At least 450 workers were laid off, according to the Union of the lightweight construction of Altamira.

In the morning this Saturday (6), at least one worker was arrested and handcuffed, apparently for refusing to surrender his ID card. The National Force also threatened to arrest two members of the syndicate of Altamira lightweight construction that were in place. They received a remaining and interdict can no longer step on the construction site.

The National Force is being openly employed to guarantee the progress of the works of dams in Pará. The situation occurs not only in Belo Monte, but also in the Tapajós River region, where a 250 effective men was assigned to enforce the Tapajós hydroelectric complex studies to lands of Indians Mundurukus.

In addition, yesterday was authorized the sending of troops of the National Force to act in areas of the plants of Jirau and Santo Antônio, on the Madeira River in Rondonia, for a period of 180 days, to “ensure the safety of people, property and the maintenance of public order”. The 28 thousand workers of the two plants are on strike since the beginning of this week.

The Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte (CCBM), formed by the contractors Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Corrêa Odebrecht, among others, announced that deals only with the heavy construction workers Union of Pará (Sintrapav), which is not participating in the mobilizations.

Currently work about 20 thousand people in beds of Belo Monte. The prediction is that, with the peak of the work, this year the number of signings to 28 thousand.


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