Guarani ~ armed men began to surround and shoot ~one killed

Aty Guasu  April 12, 2013



Newsletter of the Council of Aty Guasu Guarani Kaiowá against genocide and The Guarani-Kaiowá leaders of the tekoha Itay-Panambi-Douradina-MS (Guarani-Kaiowá land conflicts since 2005), reported that since yesterday several armed men began to surround and shoot the shots about the Guarani and Itay Kaiwá camp. Yesterday, the fact was communicated to FUNAI and Federal Police, but did not attend to Itay in conflict.

Today, according to the communities and leaders, a group of armed Ratna returned to attack the camp Itay, shooting and threatening to kill the entire communities and burn the tents of the indigenous, when shots fired by a group of natives, so the Indians tried to disarm men armed and karai clashed with this group of armed gunmen. Since yesterday, to avoid the attack in camp and Itay were communicated repeatedly to FUNAI, MPF and Federal Police, but they did not attend.

Today, the Guarani-Kaiowá community of Itay was attacked again by armed men on their land conflict, so we ask for the investigation of the fact by the Federal Police. Since the Guarani-Kaiowá community of the tekoha Itay was shot and attacked the leaders are threatened since yesterday tonight, climate is tense in Itay in conflict, the risk of new attack is imminent. For this reason, we ask urgently the presence of Federal Police and Security Commission of human right in the camp community of Itay.

The communities of Guarani-Kaiowá tekoha Itay inform, each time, being surrounded and threatened by armed groups, therefore, request the presence of the Funai agents and Federal Police to avoid the new attack and clash with the gunmen of the farms.

We look forward with urgency the position of the federal authorities.

FYI, the Tekoha Guasu Itay, April 12, 2013 Council of Aty Guasu against genocide



April 13, 2013-07:15

PM is killed with arrows and machetes in the conflict against indigenous

Golden Now
The retired Military Police, Arnaldo Alves Ferreira, 68, was killed during clashes with Indians occurred in This, in the early evening on Friday. A still unidentified man was hurt in the conflict, and was arrested.
 Foto: Osvaldo Duarte

The victim had a site located on the border with a village of the municipality. According to the regional delegate Antonio Carlos vine, for reasons that are still being investigated, there was confusion on the property and the PM assaulted an Indian with rifle butts. Other members of the village fought back with arrow and machete, injuring the retired with gravity.

The two were bailed out in the Hospital referred to the life, in Dourados, but Ferreira was dying even before receiving care. The other was medicated and taken back to Douradina, where he booked.
The climate in the region is tense and Vine, determined that the delegates Adilson Spiguivitz and Marcelo Batistela if inform about the case, and take steps along with the General Investigations Service (GIS) of the Civil Police. The authorities went to the conflict zone in order to ascertain the involvement of other people in the crime. Due to the risk of new attacks, the PM is on alert.

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