Inconclusive demarcation of indigenous land invasion and causes death in MS

Inconclusive demarcation of indigenous land invasion and causes death in MS

April 13, 2013-20:23 — Marcelo

PM who owned land within the indigenous Guarani Kaiowá village invades Earth shoots against the community and dies on the way to the hospital; native was arrested accused of murder


Ruy Sposati

Campo Grande (MS)

Guarani campaign


A retired Military Police (PM) invaded the village house Itay, on indigenous land/Pond Panambi, municipality of Douradina, Mato Grosso do Sul, last Friday, 12. Armed with a revolver and a machete, Arnaldo Alves Ferreira made six shots against the Guarani Kaiowá, hitting the native John Doe in the ear. The PM had a plot of land within the area identified as indigenous land, about 300 metres from the village.

The Indians had already registered police report denouncing Arnaldo to the authorities, on the basis of other violence by him against the community two days earlier.

According to the natives, Arnaldo invaded the village mounted on a horse and with a revolver and a machete, about half a day and a half of Friday, 12. “He was at the home of an elderly and said to him: ‘ you will die ‘, in front of his wife and daughter,” reports an indigenous village that prefers not to be identified. “Then he turned to his wife and said: ‘ you will get today’s widow.”

During the attack, members of the indigenous community were able to disarm the reformed military, holding off shots. Arnaldo was kept safe by the community, which reported the occurrence to the local police. The PM and the injured were sent to Indian life in Hospital. Arnold died in the ambulance; the Kaiowá injured was arrested by police, accused of murder in flagrante.

Police report

“Makes many years that we have problems with it. He doesn’t like us. Let the horse eat in our fields, and let out the cattle in the village. Has killed the shot a lot of our dogs and even hit people of the community, “recounts an indigenous Ita ‘ y.

In recent weeks, He had resolved to surround your property with electric fences. “The problem is that the fence looks great on the road that we both [and the] use and also in the place where the children waiting for the school bus,” reports the Kaiowá. The community asked the retired cable that will let you use the electric fence. The requirement was not accepted, and the Indians would have so twice off the fence.

In the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday, Arnaldo was in the village. “He came because of the fence. He entered the House of a man screaming and hit him with the machete, “he explains. The native who suffered violence recorded police report and examination of corpus delicti, the result of which should be ready on Monday, 15.

The Kaiowá Ita y already feared a police attack. “We did Bo in the police and we advise the Funai, MPF, National Force that there was a problem and we were afraid of something. And it came to pass, “laments.

The land issue

“The way in which the local press is telling the story and how the” ruralists “are using is absolutely criminal and manipulated,” said the regional coordinator of the indigenous missionary Council (Cimi) in Mato Grosso do Sul, Flávio Vicente Machado. “The police did not die ‘ on your property ‘, ‘ beaten ‘, ‘ tortured ‘, or ‘ the martyr St ‘, as they told the local papers and notes of agribusiness entities. He died invading again an indigenous village, threatening the lives of residents and shooting against them, “he says.

For Flávio, responsibility for the death of PM is the federal Government. “This situation is directly linked to the length of the State to complete the process of land demarcation and Guarani Kaiowá in Mato Grosso do Sul”, he argues. “The Indians acted in self defense, since they were cowardly way attacked by a violent man and biased.

“And that was and is registered”, Flavius. In addition to Bo, technical notes Federal Public Ministry also record the complaints made by the indigenous community on threats suffered by the PM. “at the time both the police and the prosecution of Dourados were fired into the complaints”, he recalls.

The Coordinator of the Cimi criticizes handling of the facts, since the place is being used by the “ruralists” in favor of their political agendas. “The” ruralists “are using the fact to blame the federal Government for the case, accusing him of fomenting violence to demarcate indigenous lands, trying to speed up the approval of their tariffs, as is the case of PEC 215 or embargoes for trial involving the nineteen constraints of the Raposa Serra do Sol case. it is just the opposite! The responsibility is Yes the federal Government, but precisely because it is not complying with its constitutional obligation and establishing, once and for all, the lands traditionally occupied by the Guarani Kaiowá and. And it is unacceptable that, once again, please that the Guarani Kaiowá and pay more this account “, he concludes.

With the creation of the national agricultural Colony of Dourados (CAND) in the 40, the indigenous people of that area were removed from their territories traditionally occupied and placed on the Indian reservation of Dourados.

In 2005, the territory’s claim of Rich Pond intensified, leading to the identification of the area, in 2008, and also the resumption of two Tekoha (traditional territories): Guirakambi ‘ y and y ‘ Ita, where the attack occurred. In December 2011, was published by Funai anthropological report which identified 12.1 thousand hectares of traditional territory as indigenous land Panambi-Rich Pond. The land of PM reformed is within the area identified.



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