UPDATE~ Guarani Kaiowá

Justice grants repossession for farmer who murdered young Kaiowá


Judge requires withdrawal of Denilson, body buried on the site of the murder, and provides fine to native Funai, and camped until the indigenous body servers

Ruy Sposati, Campo Grande (MS), to the Cimi

Segundo decisão, indígenas tem 10 dias para deixar local (Foto: Ruy Sposati/Cimi)

The Federal Court granted an injunction of repossession to the Kobe Carneiro Gonçalves, killer farmer I of the Guarani Kaiowá 15 years, Denilson Barbosa. Kobe is the owner of a farm that focuses on the traditional territory Pindo Roky, next to Indian reservation of Tey ‘ ikue, in the municipality of Caarapó, Mato Grosso do Sul.

According to the ruling, the Indians have ten days to leave the place, from the date of publication of the preliminary injunction. If you do not leave the area, a fine of 10 thousand dollars daily should be paid by the community, and 100 thousand dollars by the National Indian Foundation (Funai). The judge adds more 20% fine on the value of the consideration to be paid by indigenous body servers in Dourados, “aware that the responsibility for the payment of this fine is personal” decision. Funai will enter with appeal against the decision.

Still, the judge requires that Funai “carry out the exhumation and transfer of young indigenous body buried in the farm” by burying the body of Denilson in the cemetery of Tey ‘ ikue, “in accordance with the health rules in force”.

The territory was totally invaded by farm, until the death of Denilson sparked a resumption of the process. The family buried him Denilson in place of murder and since 18 January, about 500 people are camped at the site, and claim the area known as the Tekoha Kaiowá-“the place where one is”-Roky. Pindus

For fear of other murders, and direct persecution against leaders, a group of Kaiowá is who responds publicly about the Affairs of incorporated, under the name of Committee on the camp of the Tekoha Pindo Roky.

“We will not come out. Only if you leave dead, already decided, “said one of the leaders of the Commission. “Have people of 80 years, 70 years they’re in and it’s all already decided the Tekoha. Today has 500 people and 80 huts and more people will come to help resist. May riot gear, Federal Police barracks, all have. We just come out dead “.

After the occupation of the indigenous, the farmer filed application for repossession in the State Court, which declared itself incompetent to judge the case because it is land conflicts involving indigenous peoples. The state judge referred the case to Federal Court. The judge of the 1st. Federal Court of Dourados, Raquel de Klerk do Amaral, issued an injunction in favour of the landowner in last Thursday, 11.

“All of this is a question only, that is the question of the Earth”, exposes the. “This land where we are, we know it’s our, our ancestors, grandmothers, great grandmothers. She was already in the anthropological study. [The Earth] is now a second step already. We resist makes 513 years. Now is not that we are going to budge the foot “, he concludes.



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