Strike in Belo Monte reveals the face of the dictatorial Government Dilma~

Strike in Belo Monte reveals the face of the dictatorial Government Dilma

Cassiano 14.04.2013 19:58
Councilor of PSTU in Belem, Amani R, go to Altamira show solidarity with the workers. Three workers were arrested by the PM and three more are missing since the early hours of Wednesday (10) on the Belo Monte dam. So far it is not known the whereabouts of these workers who were ahead of the strike on the main construction work, Pimental hydroelectric power plant.
“What we do know is that thousands of workers are trying to get out of there, surrounded by the PM and the National Security Force. A truly absurd! “, denounced Lee Atnágoras, CSP National Executive-Conlutas, which is in the region of Altamira (PA) paying solidarity with the workers. The situation, every moment, becomes increasingly delicate jobsites Pimental and other site construction sites that are partially on strike.
With the shutdown of more than eight thousand workers and the situation of a State of siege was declared in these works, the councilman of Bethlehem, Amani R (PSTU), if sent on Wednesday to the municipality of Altamira, West of the State of Pará in the northern region, to support the struggle of the workers of Belo Monte and try to mediate the negotiations between workers, CCBM (Consórcio Construtor of Belo Monte) and the Federal Government.
Intransigence Unfortunately, so far the CCBM refuses to receive the Commission of workers to negotiate the claim. Were listed more than 35 items of claims that have been delivered to the Department of labor relations of the CCBM. The main ones are: 40% additional containment; “downloaded” from 3 months to all; General SINTRAPAV leave; end of 5 by 1; equal pay; end of function, etc. The workers that paralyzed the works since the last day March 5, complain that many are without making meals due to the huge amount of workers and the National security force repression that at any given time, begins to expel cafeteria workers so that they go to construction sites and start work. According to the protesters, Saturday’s overtime would not be being paid. And the “downloaded” that was supposed to be three months as decided the TRT in the last Convention, continues to be every six months. In other words, workers spend six months confined within the work before you have the right to spend 10 days at home with the family.
Dismissal of Sintrapav in addition to the claims and complaints of bad working conditions, the workers are demanding the dismissal of the SINTRAPAV (Union of employees in the heavy construction Industry in the State of Pará), affiliated to the Trade Union Force, as a representative of the category. The entity, which has always been opposed to the mobilization of workers, already demoralised by the workers. Who is supporting and boosting the struggle of the workers in the works is the SINTICMA (Union of workers in Lumber and Light construction of Altamira) and the Trade Union and Popular-Conlutas. According to the lawyer of CSP-Conlutas, Anacely Rao, the situation in Belo Monte is critical, the workers do not feel represented by the SINTRAPAV. According to her, to be hired by the Consortium, workers are required to join to SINTRAPAV. But the Union does not forward the struggles and demands of workers.Last year, after the last strike, the claims which were adjudicated and awarded in the TRT, the example of “downloaded”, the increase of food and wage replacement ticket, not being fulfilled by the company and the SINTRAPAV does nothing to that judicial decisions are complied with.
Missing the following tense situation in Belo Monte. Since the early hours of Wednesday, April 10, three workers are missing and three others were arrested by the National Security Force. These workers were on the front lines of the movement. According to reports, these are not the first workers to disappear. Others would have been killed or missing, but nothing is disclosed. The CSP-already filed Conlutas a letter from Ministry of labor requesting to intervene in and contact the consortium to ensure the withdrawal of workers of the construction site, trapped by the National Force, bringing them to the city of Altamira. The letter also asks that the MPT intervene in order to ensure that the negotiating table. The back of the military dictatorship and the new “AI-5” in the works of the PAC on the last day of March 12, the Federal Government published decree No. 13/7,957 amending Decree No. 5,289, November 29, 2004, and legalizes the repressive militarized intervention and to any act of civil society organized resistance against the invasion of their territories by the infrastructure works.
The Decree 7,957/13, “preventive and repressive character”, the “Permanent Office of Integrated Management for the protection of the environment”. One of the responsibilities of this Office are the “identify situations and areas that require use of the armed forces, to guarantee law and order, and submit them to the President of the Republic”, and “demand of the armed forces to provide logistical support, communications, intelligence and education”. In practice, gives authority to the National Security Force, the army and the Intelligence Agency to suppress any mobilization, arrest and do whatever it takes in all the works of the PAC to ensure the construction of these major projects. In other words, is the return of military dictatorship within the construction sites. Workers have already nicknamed the “Decree of the new AI-5”. Workers cannot claim anything because, with the Decree of the federal Government, may be arrested and even disappear.
Councillor Allan R checks personally situation For the councilman of PSTU, Allan R, the situation is critical and can escape from control. “We wanted the Consortium sit to negotiate with workers. The situation here was proven by us, is quite tense. I’m in direct contact with employees who are within the construction site for a network of resistance we together with the workers and at the same time control the spirits of everybody here, which are very disgusted with the employer. Including construction of Sitio Pimental, where he began the strike, workers came out in March and the National Force placed the rifle in the face of them, demanding that they him to return the badges and sign your letter of resignation “denounced the Congressman.
In an interview with Radio Marajoara AM that morning, Councilman denounced not being respected workers ‘ rights: “are not respecting anything, then it is a real dictatorship, a concentration camp”. According to Wolf, the State Prosecutor’s Office was notified to contact the company, provide buses to take workers there and takes them to the city. The construction work is in the jungle, the 55 km away from the city, and they don’t have much communication with outside personnel. Is similar to a prison. There is no work in Altamira public prosecutor; the prosecution of the work lies in the region of Santarém, where it is necessary to send a Commission to take note of the situation, which further delays the process. “We talked with the State Prosecutor of Altamira and he undertook to make a mediation with the Consortium and to notify the prosecution of the work,” said the councilman of PSTU. He reported that it was not possible to talk with the management of the CCBM, however, managed to gain access to Federal Government representative, President Rousseff, who is responsible for this work, Avelino Ganzer. “We have proposed that he received a Commission of eight workers, plus representatives of the Consortium, but he said he only received a legal representative of SINTRAPAV. The point is that, who knows the demands of the category are workers, and the Union did not even enter in the works, because the category does not recognize and they fear being lynched for being acting in the service of the company and not of the workers, “concluded Cleber.

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