[Passing Chico Alencar information]


More than 500 different indigenous peoples of all Brazil, occupying the House of representatives! In overcrowded, there is 1 cry of deep Brazil by land, dignity and respect for native cultures.

Sings the song of war threats to native peoples ‘ rights, under which communities killing ghost materializes today in legislative projects as the PEC 215 and Gatehouses 2498 (min. of Justice) and 303 (AGU), Executive. In the name of “progress” that delays, and “integration” that disintegrates, the land and indigenous traditions are attacked, with the support of many parliamentarians.

“The happiness of the city cannot kill kill!” (‘ The Yanomami and we ‘-MN/FB). The complaint-revolt! -against Dilma is great: never even received, per minute, the indigenous leaders. Unacceptable contempt!



2 thoughts on “INDIGENOUS APRIL!

  1. Bancada indígena no Congresso JÁ!
    Sou ainda mais a favor de uma sociedade alternativa como a coletividade para a sobrevivênvia!

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