Justice suspends operation Tapajós !!

Justice suspends operation Tapajós

Military and police operation was being made in the region of the Munduruku, where indigenous land is planned to São Luís do Tapajós

4/16/2013 to 01:00 pm

The Federal Regional Court of the 1st region (TRF-1), in Brasilia, has determined the suspension of the operation, military and police operation carried out at the behest of the federal Government in the Munduruku, where indigenous land is planned to São Luís do Tapajós, in the West of Pará.

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF), which asked the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL-1 the suspension, the decision was communicated on Tuesday, April 16. The Tapajós operation is contingent in the area since March 25 with members of the Federal Police, Federal Highway police, national public security Force and the Armed Forces.

The MPF submitted the application to the FEDERAL COURT of APPEAL-1 how to appeal against the Federal Court decision in Santarém, that had denied the suspension of operation. In addition to determining the suspension, the TRF-1 prohibited the performance of any action related to the construction of the hydroelectric power plant.

To the Court, before carrying out studies that require the entry of technicians in traditional populations and indigenous lands must be free, prior and informed consultation, along the lines of article 6 of the Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

According to the MPF resource granted by TRF-1, the consultation process should be provided not only to the indigenous peoples affected, but also traditional populations affected, in accordance with article 1 of the Convention 169 of the ILO, to avoid confusion between the consultation procedure established in the Convention with the hearing established by the Federal Constitution to the National Congress.

It was determined that, after consultation, be prepared for both the Integrated environmental assessment (AAI) and the strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the impacts arising from the installation of hydroelectric developments throughout the Tapajós River basin.

For public prosecutors involved in the case, Fernando Antônio Alves de Oliveira Jr., Felipe Bogado and Luiz Antonio Amorim Miranda Silva, Tapajós operation knocked any chance of dialogue and consultation as has the Convention 169. “There is no dialogue, but predisposed to confrontation”, criticized the text of the resource.



Case # 0019093-27.2013.4.01.0000

Full text of decision ~ http://www.prpa.mpf.gov.br/news/2013/arquivos/Decisao_TRF-1_agravo_MPF_operacao_Tapajos.pdf

Link to procedural query ~ http://www.trf1.jus.br/Processos/ProcessosTRF/ctrf1proc/ctrf1proc.php?proc=190932720134010000&tipoCon=1

Federal prosecutors in Pará
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(91) 3299-3299/0148-0177




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