Arrows, maracás and inviolable

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Arrows, maracás and inviolable

“April is demonstrating much force and indigenous wisdom to lead the struggle in defense of his people and against the orchestration against their rights, going on in the three powers. On Tuesday, in a historic moment occupied for half an hour the House of representatives. Despite the violence used by security guards, nothing prevented the Indians from say to parliamentarians, ‘ we are here, we demand respect and the repeal of the projects we want to take our rights, kill us, ‘ “writes Egon Heck, CIMI-MS, when sending the article here.


Never any social movement managed to occupy the plenary Chamber space tamper-proof. Indigenous peoples disgusted and outraged with the infringement of their rights, with actions and initiatives orchestrated in the three powers, decided to give the message to the parliamentarians. And this in the “space considered inviolable, in the House of the people”. After nearly half an hour, can erupt in the living room of the House.Surprised and perplexed, the parliamentarians were pulling out of their seats, and another group was take refuge around the Presidency. A climate of fear and apprehension spread for the environment of the 513 deputies, of which a little more than three hundred were in the enclosure.

In fact, in that of 6:10 pm to 6:40 pm the plenary of the House was stripped of its standard suits, to give place to the bodies and faces painted to the maracá sound told that came to revoke already! (the ainti-indigenous laws and projects).

It was nice to see candles, indigenous women, youth and children take account of comfortable chairs, with smiles and comments “how comfortable the House of the people! We had never imagined what is seeing and watching. ” This unheard of Brazil and ran the world. To say: we are here, we want respect, we want answers, not take our inviolable rights! If perplexed were the gentlemen, more perplexed and outraged are the indigenous peoples by the numerous proposals in this House, with the sole purpose of removing indigenous rights, to promote agribusiness and other interests, minerals, timber, accelerated privatization of the military lands and waters in our country.

The plural Brazil shows its face

To see the House of Constitution and justice full of colors, beautifully painted bodies, giving a beautiful picture of this plural, deep, originating in Brazil. It is a pity that this only is recognized only in times of crucial struggles more than three hundred indigenous peoples take on, when the genocidal process advance on their territory, their lives.

Dozens of parliamentarians who came to provide support and solidarity with the indigenous people in Congress have highlighted this beautiful moment and crucial.

In numerous manifestations of the indigenous leaders, chiefs, shamans, the keynote was the same. They want to kill us with these bills, ordinances. But we’ll resist, fight, until the last Indian! And everyone was asked to bury the damn criminal and legislative and Executive initiatives.

The point is this, we are!

Pataxó  pointed out that this time is similar to that of the constituent Assembly, when the enemies of indigenous peoples plotted several times to prevent indigenous rights were enshrined in the new Constitution. Only we won we mobilize, came to Congress nearly every day, we visited the Office by Office of parliamentarians, we did debates and rituals here in Congress, we filled the Green and blue carpets with plural Brazil’s face, combative and resistant. Now we are again at a time when our enemies want to tear up the Constitution by taking her entitlements we conquered. And with great firmness and wisdom says “we will win this battle! United and mobilized more victorious we will leave these criminal attempts to take our rights. “

In addition to the visibility achieved for their struggles and their rights, the speaker of the House Henry Adams, along with other parliamentarians, leaders of parties, the promise of no indication of members for the Special Committee, which would give the opinion on the PEC 215 and the installation of a negotiating table with the joint participation of indigenous peoples, to discuss all the Bills and initiatives that relate to indigenous peoples.

In a document delivered to the Mayor the indigenous movement reaffirms

“we are not going to reverse the warranty of our rights … A reaffirmation by all of this, our determination to strengthen our struggles, we are vigilant and prepared to leave for the political confrontation, risking even our lives in defense of our territories and of mother nature and for the sake of our current and future generations “.

The promise is that this table is created.



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