Indigenous peoples week begins with games in the Olympic village

Indigenous peoples week begins with games in the Olympic village

Photo: Semana dos Povos Indígenas inicia com jogos na Vila Olímpica.</p><br /><p> A Reserva Indígena de Dourados está sediando desde a manhã desta quarta-feira os Jogos Escolares Indígenas, que fazem parte da programação da 2ª Semana dos Povos Indígenas, organizada pela Prefeitura de Dourados e entidades parceiras.</p><br /><p>Leia a matéria completa:

Early games scored opening Week of indigenous peoples, on the morning of Wednesday, in the Olympic village. Photo: A. Fleet

The Indian reservation of Dourados is hosting since Wednesday morning the Indigenous School Games, which are part of the programming of the 2nd Week of indigenous peoples, organized by the city of Dourados and partners.

The opening of the event happened in the Olympic village, in the presence of several officials, including the Mayor of Itaporã Mark Martin, Councilman Aguilera de Souza and the CEO of Funed (Golden Sports Foundation), José Antonio Coca, who represented the Mayor Murilo.

Participate in the games that follow all week the schools Golden Justin indigenous, Araporã, Lacu ‘ i Roque Isnard, Tengatuí Marangatu-pole, Ramão Martins and escola estadual intercultural Guateka.

The Department of education of Dourados prepares yet, as the Indian Week, Miss and Mister, which takes place on Thursday at 7:30 pm, on the main stage of the events, in the Olympic village.

Are indigenous peoples Week partners the city of Dourados, Public Ministry, National Strength, DOF, Sabah Credit Corporation, the Federal Police, military police, Congressman Vander Loubet, Funai, Planacon, Sodiê, sweets and the Itaporã City Councilman Aguilera.



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