Deputy Attorney-General of the Republic says that moment is attack on the rights of indigenous peoples

Deputy Attorney-General of the Republic says that moment is attack on the rights of indigenous peoples

4/19/2013-11:07 pm

Luciano Nascimento ~Brazil Agency reporter

Photo: Deborah Duprat: Vice-procuradora-geral da República diz que momento é de ataque aos direitos dos índios. Leia matéria da Agência Brasil!</p><p></p><p>Foto _ Banco de Imagens do STF

Brasilia-the Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, Deborah Duprat, said today (19) who sees a series of initiatives, not only in Congress, of attacks on indigenous rights. “The Federal prosecutors are concerned about the slowness in the process and is preparing a set of proposals to take the immobility the process of demarcation of indigenous lands,” he said. Deborah participated in a public hearing on the Attorney-General of the Republic (PGR) to discuss the demarcation of indigenous lands.

Representatives of about 70 indigenous peoples participated in the hearing. They charged more agility in the process of demarcation of indigenous lands and reported several problems related to health and education. The Director of the National Indian Foundation, Luiz Carlos Azanha said agreeing to the criticism from Indians and said that many processes are stopped waiting for a court decision. “We have 26 judicial decisions preventing the progress of the demarcations of land,” he said.

Azanha also regretted that, on the day of the Indian, has not been announced the approval of any indigenous land. “Today were published three Ordinance declaring indigenous lands and three boundaries. We currently have 12 fit type-approval procedures, but so far none has been approved, “he said.

The Indians also criticized the proposed amendment to the Constitution (PEC) 215 transferring Executive power to the National Congress the final say on the demarcation and the approval of indigenous lands and quilombolas. Last Tuesday (16), the Indians occupied the House and prevented the installation of a Special Commission to analyze the proposal.

The pressure of the indigenous movement led the President of the Chamber, Mr Henrique Eduardo Alves (PMDB-RN), to set up a working group to discuss the situation of the Indians in Brazil. The group, made up of ten members, five of them environmentalists and an equal number of “ruralist”, and ten indigenous leaders made their first meeting yesterday (18).

The Indians also criticized the Bill (PL), 1,610 of 1996 approving the exploitation of mineral resources in indigenous lands; and the PEC 237, this year, which makes it possible to grant indigenous lands to farmers and initiatives of the Executive power as the publication of the Decree 7,957, March this year; the Decree 303, of the Attorney General of the Union (AGU)

The special indigenous health Secretary Antonio Alves de Souza, has announced tender to replace health professionals hired to meet the Indians. “We have to meet by the end of the year with the agreement signed with the Department of public prosecutions for the replacement of the contractors and make the contest,” said Sharma.

On Friday, Federal prosecutors filed 14 public civil actions to ensure the ownership of indigenous lands to people who traditionally occupied the land in the States of Amapá, Amazonas, Bahia, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará, Pernambuco, Rondônia, Roraima and Santa Catarina. The Court also issued 11 recommendations to public institutions and private companies.

Editing: Fábio Massalli



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