Entrevista Liderança Carlos Pankararu ~2010



~Entrevista Liderança Carlos Pankararu


Uploaded on June 23, 2010

During operation against the Indian Revolutionary Camp, camp staff film the interview of Carlos Pankararu Indian leader. In the first vision on youtube, the interview was not disclosed by the conventional media. The Pankararu leader express his disappointment and claim against the anti indígenista policy of Lula and Dilma Rousseff.This AIR movement demanding the resignation of the President of Funai and the revocation of the Presidential Decree of privatization of FUNAI, with the side effect of having closed the indigenous jobs and disrupted the main instrument of indigenous rights. The Indians are determined to resist against the lobbing of mineiradoras and “ruralists” determined to exploit the resources in indigenous lands at any cost. ~

~ Violence against indigenous AIR  2010


Uploaded on July 11, 2010

Arrests and beatings by the military force of DF mark another day of indigenous struggle … The Indigenous Revolutionary Camp, on 10 July, at around 06:00 in the morning was brutally attacked by the military force of DF. The Bope, PM and all its truculent apparatus, as in a stroke of machado, destroyed the Indian camp. One thousand policemen with their weapons and their dogs with blood lust against 150 Indians who remain tough in front of the Ministry of Justice with desire for JUSTICE. Weapons, dogs, pepper spray, assaults, insults, racism, truculentas words and name-calling of all levels and arrests were part of the breakfast of all those who were in the camp, served by police officers, who once again complied with their role as oppressors and State railway and once again stated in actions that the only Dictatorship won a new uniform.

Os policiais não deram espaço para o diálogo já chegaram gritando “acorda vagabundos” e prendendo os que estavam na sua frente

The police did not give space for dialogue have arrived shouting “wake up bums” and arresting those who were in front of you



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