Armed conflict between tribes leaves 4 Indians killed in Roraima

Armed conflict between tribes leaves 4 Indians killed in Roraima

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photo: Gurreiros dos povo Yanomami pedindo retirados dos fazendeiros imediatamente com juiz de Roraima...

 foto Dário Yawarioma ~ Manifestaçao Ajarani 18/4


A conflict with firearms among the Yanomami tribes in Roraima, on the border with Venezuela, left four Indians dead and seven wounded, according to Funai (National Indian Foundation).

The information is Kátia Brasil and published by the newspaper Folha de s. Paulo, 4/24/2013.

The episode occurred on the last day 2:0 pm village 320 km of Boa Vista and caused the death of a woman, two men and a child. Seven Indians wounded, including two children, have already received.

The Indians of the region, says the Funai, are being armed by miners in Exchange for permissions for illegal exploitation of gold in Indian land, which would be invaded by at least 1,600 men.

For João Catalano, head of Funai Yanomami protection, the conflict was “very serious” by engaging a group recém-contatado.

“The miners come gradually and introducing weapons and ammunition to force the pace of gold mining,” he said.

According to him, from 2010 are already 13 Indian deaths by gunshot, which houses about 20 thousand Indians.

The Federal Police has been thrown to investigate the supply of arms to the Indians.

Intertribais are characteristic of Yanomami conflict, but the usual weapons were bordunas (clubs) and arrows.

According to the Indian Dário Kopenawa Yanomami Association HAY, the conflict was motivated by competition for touches of pupunha (Palm fruit).

For him, the conflict is a result of lack of supervision on the illegal mining. Last year, the PF came to remove about 600 miners in the region, but many have returned.

“The miners are make Indians with firearms to kill all the Indians. The PF knows this, “he said.

Sought by the report, the PF in Roraima did not respond.



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