Agents of the former slaves, Indians protection service

Agents of the former slaves, Indians protection service points Report Forbes

Daniel Mello- Brazil Agency 25.04.2013-09:40 | Updated 25.04.2013-12:07


Research findings made in 1967 have more than 7 thousand pages that were found recently in the old Indian Museum, in Rio de Janeiro (photo: Arthur William)

São Paulo – Created in 1910, the Indian protection service (SPI) often acted in a manner totally contrary to the interests of people who should ensure. A coordinated research in 1967 by then-Prosecutor Jader de Figueiredo Correia indicated that, in addition to the systemic corruption of the body-which later would be replaced by the National Indian Foundation, Funai, part of its agents practiced slavery and torture of Indians across the country.

The revelations are in the so-called Report Figueiredo, document the findings of the investigation led by the Prosecutor. There are more than 7 thousand pages that was believed to be lost, but were recently found in the old Indian Museum, in Rio de Janeiro.

“Generally not respected the human person as indigenous men and women, serving as beasts of burden, whose work should revert to the employee. In the case of the woman, becomes more outrageous because the conditions were inhuman, “noted Forbes on one of about 5 thousand remaining pages found and scanned by Marcelo Zelic, Vice-President of the Group Torture Never more than Sao Paulo and coordinator of the Memory Warehouse project.

Allegations of slavery appear in the accounts of “dozens of witnesses” and “hundreds of documents” that were part of the investigation requested by the Ministry of the Interior and motivated by a parliamentary Committee of inquiry established in 1963. “The slave labor was not the only form of exploitation. Much was also adopted the usurpation of the work product. The frayed laboriously cultivated were briefly caught up in the miserable without payment of indemnity or satisfaction provided, “says the Attorney.

In Paraná, the report says that the stand of the SPI in Guarapuava, Iridiano Amarinho, “açoitava the Indians to force them to work for him”, using a Armadillo. In the same State the Post Manuel Ribas, Lauro de Souza Bueno, is touted as “torturer of Indians”. According to the document, he wore, with the consent of the head of his brother, Raul Bueno de Souza, the trunk. The mechanism developed at the time that slavery was permitted in the country, which press the victim’s ankle. “A very painful process, which if taken to the extreme can cause bone fracture, as has happened many times,” says the text.

About these practices, said Figueiredo: “the Indian protection service degenerated into the point of chasing them to the extermination”. In their passages by SPI’s Attorney says he has found Indian murders, prostitution of the Indies, tortures, slave labour, appropriation and misappropriation of indigenous heritage resources and the destruction of indigenous heritage.

One of the greatest examples of this conduct is the Director of the SPI in those years, the major Luiz Neves vineyards. Among dozens of irregularities pointed out by the report, Nair is alleged to have signed, in their own interest, a contract for exploitation of cassiterite in Rondônia and have used the Indians work in mining.

In the jurisdiction of the current state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Flávio de Abreu not only escravizava the Indians in the post under his command, as the used as a bargaining chip. According to the reports collected in the document, Flávio “handed India Rose to name individual bororo by name Seabra, in paid work of Sand for making a clay stove”. “The father of India made complaints to Mr. Flavio on the delivery of her daughter to the individual Sand. As a result of this complaint the Lord Francis Abreu sent Curry claimant “, completes the text.

After enumerating torture and espoliações, in one of his remarks that the case could benefit Forbes of their heritage, indigenous peoples probably would have a life of plenty. “The Indian heritage is fabulous. Their rents would reach millions of new cruises if well managed. Penny would not require government aid and even the Indian would live rich and healthy in their vast domains “.

Member of the National Commission of truth, responsible for coordinating the investigation of complaints about indigenous rights violations between 1946 and 1988, the psychoanalyst Maria Rita Kehl reported that the Commission will examine all allegations and facts narrated in the so-called Report Forbes

Editing: Denise Griesinger



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