Munduruku accuse Government of lying publicly about meeting; Read full note

Munduruku accuse Government of lying publicly about meeting; Read full note

Uploaded by: Administrator at 4/29/2013. Source: Media Advisory-Cimi

By Ruy Sposati,

of Jacareacanga (PA)


The Munduruku released document belying the press note of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic that claims to have occurred between federal Government and indigenous meeting. Second document of Pusuru Association, an organization representing the indigenous peoples, the meeting did not happen, despite the insistence of the Munduruku.

“We prepared ourselves for two days, we discussed among ourselves our proposal, our position [on the dams], because on the third day the Government was going to come. But it didn’t come, did not want to come because everybody was as wild, saying that we were going to attack them, “explains Cândido Waro, President of the Association.

The Indians said that for three days, Jacareacanga was besieged. “The Government has brought more than 200 police officers here, the staff of the city saw reach at least seven trucks, helicopter, plane, truck, car. Was the same in Itaituba [place where the Tapajós Operation], “he explains. “And wanted a Commission [of indigenous leaders] to leave the village and meet with them in the city, full of police. And so we said no, it was a decision of our people for the House that we wanted to get the Government, but it has to be in our land and without police “.

“Our aldermen were personally say to representatives that we would come to the village, not invite them again to come in the village. The Government said he was afraid of being attacked, and the Councillors said they personally care of the safety of all delegates. But then they said that would come only if it was with national Federal Police Force in the village, that the [Minister] Gilberto Carvalho said that for them “.

“And how can the Government now lie as well? How can invent the story unlike? “asks. “We don’t know that Paulo Maldos Jacareacanga, nor was his name mentioned in the document that came out of our meeting,” said Candido. “We know what happens with police in our village when the Government orders. The last time a relative died [in the village Teles Pires, in 2012], now everybody is scared in the Middle [Rio Tapajós] with the operation, and now it’s here? “.

Read full Pusuru Association Note:

Note of clarification of the Munduruku people about the lies of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic

The Pusuru Association, a representative of the indigenous people, Munduruku publicly deny the false information published by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic on April 26, 2013, in note “Federal Government meets with Munduruku Indians in Jacareacanga”.

The Pusuru explains, first, that there was no meeting at all.

The meeting was scheduled to take place on April 25, in the village comes out gray, where more than 200 chiefs waited for the Government representatives to talk about the construction of the dams. But the Government refused to come to the village and brought more than 200 heavily armed men, between federal, military police from the army and National Strength, to the town of Jacareacanga.

The Government was informed previously that are meeting bosses that have power to take decisions on any matter that relates to the rights of us Munduruku people. The Government knew that the meeting would happen in the village comes out gray, as agreed between us and the Government. This is documented.

This group of Councillors with which the Government claims to have met was responsible for just the representatives of the Secretariat that the chiefs would not accept the change of meeting location imposed by the Government.

Communicate that this group did not have authorization from the chiefs to speak on behalf of the Munduruku people, assignment of this Association.

The Pusuru repudiates the ma-faith and the falsehood of the federal Government vis-à-vis the Munduruku people, we manifest by acting General Secretary liar of the Presidency of the Republic, by breach of the agreements and by overt military presence in our lands and will lead to justice and knowledge of society.

Jacareacanga, April 29, 2013



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