Indigenous people occupy this morning construction of Belo Monte and launch letter against dams in the Amazon

Indigenous people occupy this morning construction of Belo Monte and launch letter against dams in the Amazon

By racismoambiental, 5/2/2013 12:21

Belo Monte

CIMI -about 200 indigenous people affected by the construction of dams occupied on Thursday, 2, the main construction of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant in the municipality of Vitória do Xingu, Pará. They claim the rules of prior consultation and the immediate suspension of all works and studies related to dams on the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires. The Military Police shock troops already expected by the Indians, but failed the bar.

The people present are: Munduruku, Juruna, Xipaya Kayapó, Parakanã, Asurini, Kuruaya, Arara, as well as fishermen and Riverside-read letter from below movement. At least six thousand workers, according to estimates of the movement, will no longer serve on the construction site. The occupation, according to the Indians, will continue indefinitely – or until the federal Government meets the claims presented.

Occupations against the Belo Monte HYDRO and mobilizations against hydropower projects have become common in the Amazon. On the last day of March 21, about 100 Indians, bordering and small farmers evicted affected by work occupied the construction site Pimental, one of maintained by Consórcio Construtor construction of Belo Monte (CCBM).

Jobsites of Belo Monte HYDRO workers strikes also come apart from the rest of the CCBM. On the last day April 5, five thousand workers of the construction site Pimental paralyzed the activities because of the working conditions and the resignation of 80 employees at the end of last year. Until a spy carrying information to the Information Agency (ABIN) was discovered.

Instead of dialogue, the output produced by the federal Government for workers, indigenous, bordering, fishermen and other traditional communities affected by the projects was the Decree of President Dilma Rousseff No. 7957/2013 . Of preventive or repressive character “”, the measure creates the Environmental Operations company of the National Public Security Force, having as one of its tasks “assistance to carry out surveys and technical reports on negative environmental impacts”.

Still in Pará, on the border with the State of Mato Grosso, the Munduruku people and traditional communities are mobilized against the Tapajós hydroelectric complex, which involves a set of plants and dams . During the last month of April, about 250 soldiers of the National Force and the Navy were displaced, by request of the Ministry of mines and energy, on the basis of the provisions of the Decree 7957, for municipalities where focus areas affected by enterprises, in addition to traditional occupation of territory claimed by the Munduruku people.

For further information and interviews, the phones available are: (93) 8811-9226 or (61) 2106-1670 or (61) 9979-6912. Read in full the letter presented by the movement that this Thursday, 02, occupied one of the construction sites of Belo Monte.

Letter from occupation of Belo Monte

We are the people that lives in rivers on which you want to build dams. We are Munduruku, Juruna, Xipaya Kayapó, Parakanã, Asurini, Kuruaya, Arara, fishermen and Riverside. We are from Amazon and we want it. We are Brazilians. The river is our supermarket. Our ancestors are older than Jesus Christ.

You are pointing guns at our heads. You beset our land with soldiers and war. You are the fish disappear. You steal the bones of the old that are buried in our land.

You do this because they are afraid to hear us. We do not want to hear that. To understand because we do not want to dam.

You invent that we are violent and we want war. Who kills our relatives? How many whites were killed and how many indigenous people died? Who kills us is you, quickly or slowly. We are dying and each dam kills more. And when we try to talk you bring tanks, helicopters, soldiers, machine guns and weapons.

What we want is simple: you need to regulate the law governing prior consultation of indigenous peoples. Meanwhile you need to stop all the works and studies and police operations in the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires. And then you need to consult us.

We want dialogue, but you are not letting the people speak. That’s why we have dealt with your construction site. You need to stop everything and simply listen.

Vitória do Xingu (PA), April 2, 2013



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