Ninawa Kaxinawá Hunikui

“Ninawa Kaxinawá (Hunikui) of Acre, Brazil, went to the UN September 30 2011 to inform the UN officials about the concerns that the 12 indigenous nations that belong to the linguistic family cloth, has in relation to non-contacted indigenous group, who is living near the Peruvian border.
Ninawa Hunikui lives 36 miles away from the place where last year the non-contacted foiram sighted through the plane (Survival International + FUNAI). The non-group contacted is near the village of Ninawa Governorate. The uncontacted indigenous group does not want to be contacted, he explains that they shot arrows, at those who came too close. The groups are in great danger, and some were killed by loggers and miners. It is making proposals to the UN and Brazil and Peru, on how to protect them. “



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