Belo Monte: Deputado prevented by the police to talk with indigenous

Belo Monte: Deputado prevented by the police to talk with indigenous;
the press is barred; military ‘ deal ‘ on behalf of the Government
Via CIMI Ruy Sposati, Altamira (PA)
Deputado Padre Ton(PT-RO) was prevented by officers of the National Security Force to enter the construction site of the Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant, in Para.
The site is busy since Thursday, 2, by Indians who claim the realization of prior consultation and the suspension of the construction of dams on the rivers Tapajós, Xingu and Teles Pires. Two photographers and two television teams also were again prevented from entering the site. One of the journalists was threatened with arrest by police, the case entered the construction site.
A group of supporters of the municipality of Altamira carrying fruits to the natives was not released to deliver the donations to protesters. A logic of misinformation, police would have given false information to the Member that the natives refused to visit the Parliament. Later, the Coordinator of field movements and the territory of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Nilton Tubino, would have linked Mr Father Ton and oriented not to go to bed.
Inside the building, police told the Father Ton indigenous would not to find them. On behalf of the federal Government, the National Force presented to the indigenous one last proposal “of negotiation: the Indians must submit a list of claims, which will be signed by them and by the Government, which commit to stick it under the condition that after the agreement signed, the Indians leave the construction site. “The Government has already said to you that does not come here,” said a National force to police.
“It’s easier to be a dump of what you achieve the agenda of yours. So it is good to accept this last proposal “.

The Indians did not accept.


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