May 4, 2013 ~ Letter No. 3 ~ Occupation of the Belo Monte dam

May 4, 2013   Letter No. 3
Let the journalists here … 
Yesterday the Government sent an aide to make a proposal to us that we are occupying the construction site. Along with them came 100 military policemen, civilians, federal, riot gear, Rotate and forces.   We do not want aides. We want to talk to their Government that people can decide. And without their armies.  
The official wanted left the construction site and that only a small Commission was talking with people from the Ministry. We do not accept. We want them to come to the construction site and talk with all of us together.  
Yesterday the Justice issued repossession injunction only for whites. With this decision, the police and the Court expelled two journalists who were in interviewing and filming, and have fined a journalist in thousand reais. And drove an activist.  
The press coverage helps a lot. We require that the judge remove the request for repossession, do not apply fines and allow journalists, academics, volunteers and organizations can continue witnessing what we pass here, and help transmit our voice to the world.  
Occupation of the Belo Monte dam construction site, Vitória do Xingu, Saturday, May 4, 2013

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